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Sukhavati: An Elephant In Paradise
« on: January 15, 2018, 06:06:44 pm »
I was born and shine with enlightenment alone, I prophecy a clone, to the place I would call home and so the river of darkness I begin to roam.
A conqueror of passion, pure intellectual devotion, sole promoter of blissful emotion, to some even the lost one, self-proclaimant Godhood delusion.
Creator of cosmic ocean, preserver of conceptual motion, destroyer of deceptive pollution intertwined with illusive conclusion.
Resurrection of complete perfection set to correct selected neglection, refined to collect the energy synergy of the Trinity providing unity in shining purity.
Harbinger of the doom dynasty, blackness infinity disguised with hellfire ability that corrupt sages for the rest of eternity, a vision digging for clarity.
Causation of the fall of an entire nation, progenitor of chaotic commotion, in quality of stars fallen into a forgotten denotation, by a lost birthright signed legacy connotation.
Temptation dispelled by dispassion, a hand touches the Elephant's head, at first there is dread, mistakes and persecution turns mockery and shame to I lie as if dead.
Hell is quieted by vow, hunger satisfied by what divinity we sow, waking up to the nature that know, suffering both high and low, a true lord in primordial wisdom, I bow.
My eyes are closed at last, monkey-king subdued in purpose vast, shackles of volition cast off fast, interesting to note:

This is our past.


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