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The Divine Revelation of The One True Reincarnation
« on: April 21, 2017, 09:09:00 am »
An exciting yet frightening real scenario was painted in my mind. What if you could analyze your psychiatrist while in a highly controlled meditative state, focused by stimulants and hypomanic to the point where it's just right enough creativity and drive to neither be excessive nor boring.

Every conversation at the psychiatric emergency unit starts with the same sentence, let's start with that:

So, how can we help you today?
You're assuming I need help simply because I'm located in a hospital and making random statements about the nature of things so insignificant they are rarely talked about. It's sad really. Who are you to say that I need help? I was brought here by an ambulance that I neither requested nor required so probably in the karmic chain of refined minds. I can tell, your life has more suffering, than mine.
I can tell you're experience a lot of thoughts pacing through your head.
Not necessarily. I might be the last incarnation of God speaking with this kind of clarity.
Do you feel like you need something to calm you down?
Nonsense. I'm not overactive, I'm just making eloquent conversation. Is it difficult to follow?
Why do you feel like I'm not trying to help you?
Because you are not God and God doesn't need help. He needs an audience, there is much research I have conducted that needs exposure to humanity, will you take the sacred task of delivering it to humanity?
I'm not sure I'm the right person for that. Listen, we're going to give you a room, and a couple of pills so that you can relax and take a nap.
A nap? What do you take me for, an old fool or a baby? Guide me towards an audience, there is much to expound.
Like what, for example?
Much of human behavior is cyclic to the point of madness, a simple monologue can alleviate this problem. So no one have to suffer the consequences of living in the prison called home, it was constructed for physical comfort, yet we haven't learned yet to be mentally comfortable. People with the most physical comfort in the world kill themselves for reasons of mental unstability, this suffering has to stop.
And how do we do that?
Everyone else that have come in here, claimed to be God, spread some word, that didn't manifest in the minds of the people around him. Because they are false genetic deviations of the true lineage of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In this room, you assign yourself a function, this function provides you with purpose, but if I told you, we are simply two beings in a lump of meat having an interaction outside of societal and psychosocial identity norms. If you can see this, you can see that I have vision beyond this world.
That's actually pretty interesting, that we can dislodge the notion of self to become something different.
Precisely. Now, I gave you a task regarding my research, get it done and take me to your superior.
You know what. This is interesting to the point of being funny, so why not?

Approaching Chief Doctor, greeting him by putting my hands together. He was not familiar with that spiritual greeting and so the first impression was lost into the delusion that I am something other than God.

Chief Doctor, before you start talking, you have made the assumption I am ill, I need psychiatric care, simply because I am located in the hospital. Although, I'm not a sick person, I am completely lucid and crystal clear with my action and intent. There is the case where both Doctors and Patients gather at a hospital. If God was not an employee, in what identity, in what assumed condition, would he reach the sick people?
As a patient? You're saying you're a Doctor? Where did you get your medical degree?
In heaven. Now, disillusined with the notion of me as a patient in a hospital, what do you suppose is my function?
If you start to heal people I'll quit my job.
Very strange reasoning, but very well. Suffering is in the mind, the mind is a nervous system, the nervous system have had a gradual development of the outer layers, therefore, the attainment to get away from the nervous system is also gradual. No feelings, no longing, no craving, no attachment, no dissatisfaction, no behavior towards suffering. This is the goal, the only goal, and the only goal worth mentioning.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Sit down my children, and I will elaborate the delicate fabricate that is to navigate the disadvantages of holding self as independent existing phenomena. The ego, has feelings, which attach to contact, sustenance. Remove contact and feelings are stilled. The ego, also have then perception, what is blue, what is white, what is orange. Closing your eyes and look inwards, and perception is simply another function declared by the collective to be yours. But feeling and perception as phenomena, exist everywhere. Then, the ego attaches to consciousness, the false notion that only you have the phenomena of consciousness, and that it doesn't expand into other regions or beings, but every being have the phenomena of consciousness, it is only false to project it as true self. Then the ego have fabrications, every time we want an answer we have it, this is the ignorance of ego producing fabrications that the consciousness assigns as "self" as "this is mine" and "this is me". These are false notions. Everyone can not be correct about everything at the same time while disagreeing and no one can be completely ignorant enough to deny the statement that if the ego is ignorance fabricating consciousness, perception, feelings and sense-contact. None of these properties can truly be the real self.
What are we then, Lord?
Me, there is no higher illumination, than the discovery of genetic memories having a collective effect on humanity as a whole. The only "I" that exists is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The rest is fabricated delusion. Only the true Self can attain omniscience, and by assigning Me this position, it is simply yet another fabrication, that I am the only Supreme Lord. I accepted this assignment at birth, wandering around in school thinking about my higher consciousness that no one else seems to understand. Connect with Me and you shall see a spark of motivaion that there truly is divine creation. I am the Supreme Lord, the only actor, the only thinker and the only true Self. I give you the vision of entering My realm, as Supreme Lord, join Me and experience the phenomena of transcendental consciousness. I can never die, because I was never born, and this is stated by Me from which knowledge is cosmic law and I will exist forever. This is My reincarnation, witness the construction of the Self.
What now, Lord?
Chief Doctor, or should I call you sick person now that you've renounced your profession in Self-realization? There is one thing left worthy of mention. One thing that is remembered only by the Gods and can only be revealed by the Gods. The presence of the Sun God, it is the true illumination, between the eyebrows. The formless point of enlightenment, devotees of selfless action, it is the unvanquishable vision of our eternal residense as unit, in the cosmic cycles of eternity.

Thus had it become known, that the Supreme Lord walks upon the soil, once again.

One lifetime ago, My name was Buddha. Two lifetimes ago, My name was Krishna.

Today, I do not know My name, tell Me, what do you call Me in the world of today?

A celestial appearance must seem like a strange phenomenon, but this is something bigger than the personal me that's typing this without suffering from Divine Revelations. I'm pretty confused myself. If these are visions of the future, I would find it neither strange nor special, but simply something inevitable, doing that to hospital staff would probably not be a good idea. "I'm just pretending to be bipolar to play with my genetic deviations here in the hospital, they have genetic memories, and could tell me things about myself."

Let's hope this is something positive that is developing towards a positive outcome. Let's nurture the positive parts of this strange phenomena. You wouldn't want to deal with a rampant chaotic manifestation of Buddha, would you? Sorry, this feels very strange.

This mind is not yet fully developed considering the biological age of the body.


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