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Re: A little confused
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Using pyschic power to uncover peoples problems? Yes, this would certainly be a warning sign, as well as his other claims, especially if he's publically announcing this stuff.

this would definately cause confusion among fellow buddhist who are not well versed in dhamma

e.g totem enquiry
201108 Malaysia International Buddihist Conference Totem Enquiry by Master Lu3/7

You can see in the video posted, people would come forward into the "master" and the master could close eye and seek totem to reveal the future or fate in the name of buddha

As for urging people to release a ten thousand fish into the sea... the people would be purchasing the fish from venders and then releasing them, which happens to be a common practice among most Buddhists, but certainly not by an individual in such large numbers at one time --- there's also the issue of releasing non-indigenous species into waterways, something that needs to be stopped if it's occurring.

yes, release into the wild is a very famous ritual among chinese mahayana. as for the thousand fish or thousand bird.
people would donate a certain sum of money and the organisation would purchase the thousand bird/fish and put it in a cage. and wait till the day where by the "donater" would together "release" the bird and the fish


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