Author Topic: How to see Deeper into spiritual realm?  (Read 2370 times)

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How to see Deeper into spiritual realm?
« on: August 28, 2011, 02:18:59 pm »
for Yeshe and others

How to prove which one is the 'winner' in the ultimate form?
a. many Gods or
b. single God (with many sub-ordinate spirits)

More precise words of my intension are found in page 42 of  thanks to 't'
to compare the concept of God in different religions to the 28 heavens of 3 realms in Buddhist literature.

quote from Yeshe post
If they are really Buddhist spirits I don't think they would speak of Jesus in the way that you quote Phil 2.9.'s-buddhism/i-got-response-from-spirits-but-limbo/

Ofcourse, we will not argue on validity of Pali and bible here (both are valid in their own sphere),
but how to 'smash' those spirits in order to prove the Ultimate Form/Winner?
(i use 'smash' analogy, to follow hardon collider to 'see' things inside an atom

I ask this because i was 'invited' by BOTH SIDEs so i have some experience of Them!
both speak some level of truth but something does NOT add up (don't ask me what is it! :lipsseald:)

I expect someone can read between the lines better than orthodox.pdf


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