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Brendan Cassidy is the Buddha
« on: September 24, 2016, 06:27:37 pm »
Excellent to talk to you all..

I am the Buddha of this time...based on my initiation I should become another Great Prophet or Leader of your world...and religious Icon..

My question for fairly simple...and something im very interested in..

What do you want:  people..people of Rome..and Earth..?

We have had an alien landing..but they cant see people unless you go into one of their UFOS...or sometimes they might step out..but most aliens just transform into Im asking as the Commander of the Universe what do you want from me..and what do you want me to do..?

I work with Darth Senator Noble buyer and Seller..I am interested in making an international exchange barter...and from there an international game that we can all play and bet on..and take part in like an Role playing you can trade and sell game and in real and astrology..based on birth charts..and specific placements of planets and other effects of astrology..

Later and out of time is an essence in religion..for the most part we are Palpatine..indeed is the ruler of the Sith the Galaxy indeed...its the Universe that has been taken Hostage..and for the most part...we work for the benefit of all People..and life forms...whether your a chair with awakened consciousness..or an actor in a movie given Zoe..and working to tell time and have a fruit from the tree of life...this is true action..which is a grey area in the terms of discovering..nuances to live and delight and attach to things that are good...the evil side is made plain and understandable because it is a tear of the fabric of existence.. and it is therefore only the good survives the Holocaust and the Apocalypse!
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