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Re: Did Buddha know?
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Did Buddha know why meditation is effective and useful in finding the truth?

According to information about his life, Buddha didn't know anything about spirituality or philosophy until his renunciation, because his father had shielded him from these areas since he was born. When he saw some disturbing sights, and became aware of the impermanence and death looming over all beings, he became desperate to find truth.

In his desperation he tried whatever means he could find. He tried ascetic practices, self mortification, meditation, and explored prevalent religious/spiritual practices. Meditation is again a huge word and there were (there still are) several schools with different approaches to meditation, significantly different from each other. Buddha is said to have tried several meditation techniques, breathing techniques, yoga, etc. too.

It just shows that he had no proof, nor any assurance of which path would lead him to enlightenment. But he didn't waste time idly sitting and speculating, and seeking assurances and guarantees before trying a path. In his desperation, he sincerely tried and tested several paths, until he discovered the one that lead him to enlightenment.

I see lots of us - no offences to anyone - lots of us speculate, seek assurance, doubt whether meditation works and so on. These are, to be honest, not the signs of an earnest seeker. If one has earnest desire to seek the truth, one would try honestly instead of arguing for and against and seeking assurances.


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