Author Topic: Where does the enlightenment come from?  (Read 1359 times)

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Re: Where does the enlightenment come from?
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I am sure that you all experience these phenomena: You are thinking about a problem and could not find a answer for it. Later, the answer just pops up into your conscious mind. The question is where does the answer come from if you are not consciously thinking about it. The answer is the subconscious mind. The created answer however is based on what we have experienced and learnt. Therefore the answer could be wrong if what we have learnt is wrong. I think that your subconscious mind is still working when your are meditating. Therefore enlightenment could be wrong if we accept the fact that its source is subconscious mind.
You need to reconsider the part in bold. Is every answer based on what we have already experienced and learnt? How can we explain the creativity, and breakthrough theories in science such as relativity? Humans are capable of conceiving ideas that are not based on past experience and learning. The source of this is still under question.


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