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Karma - The stream of consciousness
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As per request I decided to give some insight into how we can comprehend karma.

In the universe, we see phenomena caused by karmic deeds to produce rewards or consequences depending on the moral ground the action was performed, or even the mind performed, since our mind is the stream of something called karmic heir. Imagine your grandparents grandparents stretching back millions of evolved phenomena. There had to be a lineage that connects the phenomena of our consciousness, through time, this evolution of manifested mind as energy starts to form on a barren planet, which eventually produces the phenomena of consciousness. This is our karmic heir, the stream from the primordial emptiness that manifested form (if this exists, that exists), there are new beings being born everywhere and the entire universe has the potential to evolve into life where we can see this stream of karma from our consciousness now, to the smallest atom restarting the samsaric cycle. We should therefore be very careful about our actions as this stream, this karmic bank that recognizes itself as non-self has a phenomenal impact on the future rather than deterministic.

When one realizes prajna-paramita in the Samsaric realm you're living in, you become the stream entrant, a sotapanna, you can actually see the karmic force as a steady stream of water through these millions of previous lives as the aggregates transmigrates from one mind to the next in each conscious moment as pure phenomena. Since the universe is designed by desire, working towards liberation from suffering will establish a future reincarnation, purely dependent on the desire of the last conscious thought of creation in pure phenomena transmigrating into another vessel as another phenomena. Purely based on conditions that were put there by some kind of primal desire to grasp emptiness, which gave birth to the aggregates. Blinded by Maya (illusion) we worked through the conditions until we became dislodged from our own corporeal form, and now we are watching karmic rivers unfolding by each conscious thought that are like seeds that grow towards creating the phenomenal reality that is desired.

Thoughts create reality, wishful phenomenal worlds are actually created by the time one recognizes a paradise, then, world karma simply puts it together by applied behavior in the evolution of beings subjected to suffering in the generation stage of this heavenly abode. We stay there, liberated, until natural causes forces form to go back into emptiness to create the beginning of what was now beyond the end. Recreation of Samsara in simple dichotomy is that when the universe ends, there has to be a beginning again for it to have had an end to reach. That is karmapa, a stream of the entire karmic existence as manifested in the cosmos.

I hope this was thought provoking enough to understand some questions we all might have.



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