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Re: Wanting and self
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I read the Heart Sutra. The first thing I grasped from it was External emptiness.

There is nothing in the Heart Sutra about "external emptiness".  The Heart Sutra just describes the emptiness of skandhas and dharmas ( phenomena ), in other words, the emptiness of what we experience.  It's not intended as a basis for metaphysical speculation.  Trying to distinguishing between "internal" and "external" in this context is an unnecessary complication, and completely missing the point.

Could "External Emptiness" be the same thing as "Empty of Other"  as promoted in the Shentong school?  I hope not - that's a can of worms if ever there was one.

I agree that drawing a line between emptiness of self and other is unneccessary in this discussion.

I had to look up Shentong: "Empty of Other". You have a predisposition to this idea, I am not saying these things are the same or different, but I am curious as to what the can of worms you see looks like? I have not encountered this before.

Clearly you have gained a lot of benefit from TNH's teachings ( I did too ), and that is a good thing.  Just be aware that there are many other teachers and approaches, and there is always more to learn.  It's a journey.

You are definitely correct, it's a journey and thank you :)
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