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Mount Meru
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Once, in a previous Creation, before math and astronomy, there was a different understanding of the composition of the cosmos. A hollow Earth, was the conclusion of the great meditators, because what else was there to be seen, but extending the horizon up, there was no down to be seen. People grew as they came nearer, and they shrunk as they walked away. What else though, could they reside on, but on the top of a mountain if the sun went under the horizon and not in the sea? What else could have burned down there but demons and suffering unknown to man? At least the top of the mountain was known.

We know the underworld isn't on fire, because the vast cosmic ocean is shimmering with lights above us. An island is visible in the cosmic ocean, we call this the moon. Where else could the rain have come from, if not from the great cosmic ocean? As true as the elements are recognizable, they exist the same in vertical order: Fire, water, earth, wind and ether.

As this understanding grew larger, we could designate the different elements with different realms: Hell, preta, animal/human, asuras and devas. The hell realm is in the eye of the beholder, it is fear of the unknown, it is fear of punishment and so to defeat it, quality of compassion must be nurtured. The preta realm, or the realm of hungry ghosts, is in constant search of water for their clinging to a certain sustenance that causes them suffering, to extinguish it, one needs to purify renunciation. Not cling to things that offer little sustenance but get offered treatment that cures the affliction that keeps them in this place.

Then there is the animal realm and human realm where they have equal placement on Mount Meru, they are both on earth, this, since a human can act very instinctively, like an animal, and an animal can act like a human, like a cat standing on two legs staring out the window like an old lady, or a dog sitting politely and eating dinner at the dinners table. These realms require dilligence and recognition of passion in order to be purified. Recognition, of how we most pragmatically move forward as a tribe or society. Understanding in that; that which you afflict in this lifetime will get you afflicted in the next lifetime. Then we have the asura realm, these beings are constantly in mid-air, they are intoxicated by their desires and do not show much compassion because they are lost in entertainment, these beings need to be educated on ethics by devas in order to be able to move on.

So then there is the deva realm, beings who have attained a peaceful existence and are nurtured by bliss and compassion. It is as if they float with the ether of the cosmic ocean above, or even be a part of it, as they can construct and unfold realities before our third eye, like a blind watchmaker constructing the hollow earth with a mountain showing the hour hand, the sun showing the second hand and the moon showing the minute hand.


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