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Re: My current mind
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It's our thinking that we are separate from all that that makes us anxious. The way we are brought up isn't really helping though. I've always believed that I had to prove myself, that I had to achieve a whole list of things in order to find happiness and peace. I believed that I had to compete with others and win in order to show what I'm worth. I feel those values are so strong in our society. I am also very sensitive to those feelings.

It is not accounting for the understanding that we part of everything coupled with the lack of a mindful awareness of the present moment which can be a cause of anxiety about the things you have expressed in my experience.  That awareness of the present moment and the ability to access it  and simply "be" in it is very important. Acceptance of our place and nature comes from the realization of what is real, that we are a composite of many things, and that means we are part of everything, and everything we encounter, after a fashion, is a part of us.

As far as those competitive values, they are not bad if we have context. They came from the need to survive and they are not wholly our responsibility, we did not invent them. Once we see them we have a choice to make about how we will use our ability to recognize them. We can politely remind the those mind monkeys that we can be at peace now if we don't make false barriers. We can explain kindly to our thoughts that peace isn't something we find over the next hill or later down the line contingent on other things. Instead we are carrying it around with us but are too distracted by our concerns to let it become our awareness.

  This is not done by resisting these thoughts, but by looking at them in the light of the teaching and putting effort into being aware and present with them. By showing them to our consciousness and discerning their purpose and deciding what context they go in which will let us continue to follow the path and let us keep the truth in mind.  We stay at peace with them because at they are just thoughts, in the end they are just tools we use, like the idea of the phone, we have picked them up along the way and we decide through good judgment what to do with them and how to apply them, we do all of this anyway but without being present and doing it with intention we are not working towards a goal of peace, awareness, and compassion.

I would like to offer this to contemplate. It offers deeply keen analytical insight.

Dear Anemephistus,

Thank you for presenting these ideas in a new light.
I like what you said about not resisting thoughts, but by looking at them in the light of the teaching, which I interpret in the light of compassion.
I have been viewing my thoughts too much as an enemy lately. It made me a bit bitter.
Now I'm beginning to see that I can allow them to be and watch them with kindness.

Thank you :)


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