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On Life
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:41:38 am »
This morning I woke up and the following thoughts came walking into my mind.
They made perfect sense to me then.
I wrote them down and thought it could be interesting to share them here.

"Death is not the end of Life.
It's only the end of a form of life and the beginning of another form of life.
Do I know how many different forms I have already taken in this life?
I have already experienced death a million times.
I am not my body, nor am I my mind. I am not my name.
I am Life.
Don't be so attached to all the different forms.
See the life inside of them.
We are not individuals.
We move and act according to our thoughts, emotions, values, views and opinions.
But most of those are not our own.
We have accumulated them in our experiences and in our contact with others.
Then we have stored them in our memories and began thinking of them as if they are our own.
To become free, we need to stop picking up all these ideas unconsciously.
We can consciously form new ideas about how we want the world to be and act upon them in the real world.
Remembering how ideas spread and their consequences eventually coming back to the maker.
If we all are Life in its many forms, let's make it an experience of love and joy for all.

All this is something I have always known.
Not in thoughts, but in my whole being.
Then thought came to question all that (depression) because of some pain I have experienced.
Thought wanted to find out the cause of my pain so it could save me, but it alone isn't capable of that."   

There are a few things that don't fully make sense to me yet.
Life hasn't exactly made it easy for us. All our experiences seem to take place in this separate body.
Also all our memories are located in it.
Why make it so difficult?

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Re: On Life
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2018, 09:39:15 pm »
Hi FluXx,
I broadly agree with what you've written. The science of Genetics is continually confirming that all forms of life are related to a surprising degree.

Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to propose this in his theory of Evolution. However, the concept of the Gene and DNA encoding did not exist in those times, just as it didn't during the times of Gautama Buddha.

With the advancement of computer technology, the sequencing of genes has become quicker and more affordable, so we are now getting a clearer understanding of the connections and similarities between the human genome and the genome of other forms of life.

What might be surprising is the percentage of our genes that we share even with bananas.:wink1:

"Almost all living creatures come with an instruction manual, its genome, which tells it how to grow, build itself and operate. These instructions are made up of DNA that tell an organism how to make protein molecules. And proteins make us who we are. They determine physical characteristics, such as eye and hair color, and comprise substances essential for life, such as enzymes, antibodies and hormones.

By sequencing the entire genome of various organisms, including yeast, rice, and frogs, researchers have found that all living things on our planet have some similarities in their instruction manuals. The overlap exists because we all evolved from a common ancestor,  a single-celled organism that lived three or four billion years ago, known as the last universal common ancestor (LUCA).  Many of these common genes have been conserved through billions of years of evolution."

What is also surprising is that most of the genes and DNA in the human body is not human but is the DNA of lots of different species of bacteria which are actually essential for human health and survival. The human body is a host for bacteria. You owe your existence and well-being not just to your parents, friends and society, but more fundamentally to trillions of microbes and bacteria that keep you alive.

"More than half your body is not human."

"Human Microbiome Project researchers also reported that this plethora of microbes contribute more genes responsible for human survival than humans contribute. Where the human genome carries some 22,000 protein-coding genes, researchers estimate that the human microbiome contributes some 8 million unique protein-coding genes or 360 times more bacterial genes than human genes.

This bacterial genomic contribution is critical for human survival. Genes carried by bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract, for example, allow humans to digest foods and absorb nutrients that otherwise would be unavailable."

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Re: On Life
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2018, 05:57:23 pm »
There are, bhikkhus, some recluses and brahmins who are eternalists, and who on four grounds proclaim the self and the world to be eternal.


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