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Re: Is there any meaning in Buddhism?
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The short answer is yes.

 Could you explain it to others?

Bahman! Most likely you would have gone through period of intense thinking, trying to understand a problem in math, for example, or trying hard to resolve an error in computer/program, or trying hard to learn some challenging skill (video game or sports or arts)... Most likely you have experienced this state of mind when a question or goal becomes center of your attention, and you forget the time, you forget hunger, thirst, surrounding noises, discomfort everything. And you are fully focused on question at hand. After certain period of intense focus on that question, suddenly comes a spark: try this... At that point of time, you didn't need any further convincing, you almost certainly knew that it would work. You tried it, and lo and behold, it worked.

It happens to many of us, those who work really hard on solving a question. Sometimes we ourselves wonder, why in the heavens sake, I could think in that direction and find this solution? It can be unbelievable to one's own self that one could solve it.

That state of intense, single pointed focus on given question, that state of mind is meditation. There are people, who are said to have dedicated their life to understanding this state of single pointed focus. And there are people, not one but many, who attested that with this method, after reaching certain intense focus, one can find answers; rather, it is this state of mind, the state of focus, that helps one understand or find answers. Meditation is simply focused state of mind.

Can intense single pointed focus - samadhi - give us all the answers? One can verify it when one is able to reach that state of intense one-pointed focus. People like Buddha trained their mind for years to attain such concentration. We don't have such concentration, but we did achieve some level of concentration in our struggle to solve questions we faced at study, at work, etc. And with whatever level of concentration you and I and others like us achieved, we can at least agree that: yes concentration gives answers and solutions, sometimes unbelievably.

If one agrees that concentration helps find answers, one should be open to the possibility that higher concentration may lead to higher benefits. What are those benefits? We will have to train ourselves to gain higher concentration first. So this path, even by line of reasoning, has potential. Has some meaning.


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