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Title: Respect and Veneration
Post by: Samana Johann on September 24, 2017, 12:02:28 am
My person is not sure if he had given it here already. How ever, since it is not only a general practice but a door to Buddha, Dhamma Sangha, here:

Respect and veneration - Apac─üyana (,2015.msg9334.html#msg9334)

It's more a "wiki" style, not good english and would give much place to add thinks, how ever, it might transport the basic understanding.

Since most importand, also for your community here in regard of "fortune" to possible get as much in contact with Venerable Ones, take it by heart (remembering that years ago you here on freesangha had the wish to meet monks personal).

You may do with it as you feel fit, receive it, thinking "one seeks for honor is gives" or like a good child from its father (eg. A forwarded gift from Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha). How ever you like, you think that it is proper.

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