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Retreats in asia. Looking for
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:46:02 am »
I like to make some serious progress in meditation and mindfullness, soo I am looking for some retreat, that offer the most basic teachings and tecniques, of the day to day practices of buddhism.

I could take up to a month devotion, in a retreat in asia.

Has anybody got any suggestion for a good, inexpencive and serious teacher in asia?

I am fairly new to buddhism, but I have spend six months in India, as a barefood hindu munk, and I love temple life, and taking part of the daily life and rutines.

I am not looking for vipassana , but to get some basic skills, that I can use in my life when I return home.

Btw. I prefere not to go to India. I have a bit to much of India, for the next long time. Perhaps not Nepal either.
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