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Title: Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman?
Post by: Samana Johann on September 28, 2017, 11:07:13 pm
Asked by Dhammadathu (Visuddhiraptor/Element) on BSE, got - assumed that it is not serious meant - stolen, deleted, destroyed there. How ever, aside thinking about the coming into being by wholesome or unwholesome intention (that's the doers destiny) and possible target of this sacrify, my person found it a useful and reasonable object to reflect and answer it, so that the essence might be graspable for a good purpose. Since it was deleted while holding on writting, here as a previous abounded/destroyed thing in another realm, here possible to take on it again by the owner.)

Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman? ([url][/url])

Physically, I have male faculties (purisindriya ([url][/url])). Usually, I personally just eat rice & quick steamed or fried food. Recently, I have been giving alms food to a nun. I must admit I take extra time & care to make food for the nun, such as curry or casserole, because I can make it beforehand & serve it later, when the nun visits my home on alms round. I try to ensure the alms food is well-balanced.

Will my extra efforts to give food to a nun result in my rebirth as a woman or mother in my next life?

What ever one gives food to, nurishes, one becomes, that will grow for one. That is an inwardly and outwardly matter of upādānaṃ (entertaining, holding on...nurishing).

So if someone give into a nun, seeing it as something that should grow for one - as aim, so to speak - mental, and physical alike, it could be of course, seeing such as ideal, that one might become a alms begging nun, tends to femal faculties... and so on.

The same counts for monks as well.

So when ever one gives, with the objectivity of Nibbana, its good to give into "Nibbana", the Buddha, if perceiveable in a person, Noble Disciples (e.g. the Sangha of the Buddhas monastics), or Noble Ones. Since it is possible that one might put certain illusion in his/her perceiving, grasping after a personality rather than virtues and tendencies, t's secure to dedicate food to a Noble disciple of the Sangha, calling the Sangha to mind. What ever "person" one is able to develop and nurish the giving into to Nibbana and those "dwelling" there, going there, no more nourishing the world and suffering, are proper "persons" to give for this aim.

If one is attached to femal, nourishes out of certain politic, desire for becoming, affection for this or that, illusional compassion, identification... it's not easy that such a sacrify leeads out of the wheel of becoming, and again, what ever one nurishes, gives upanissayapaccayena strong condition cause, one becomes, tends to, stays in relation, is in "love" and will be borne, get old, sick and again decay with it.

The better an object, a person of sacrify can embody Nibbana, having attained, or walking after it, the freedom from graving, for you, the better and easier for you to make possible high merits. How ever, if your perception of the object you give or/and the perception of awakening is deluded, even if you would give to a Buddha, it would not have that much benefit. People often just nurish even Mara, inwardly and outwardly for them.

As for what one currently is, physical, mental, and purisindriya, this infos might be useful: Sexual Orientation – Effects of Kamma and Gathi (Sankhara) (,7880.msg11501.html#msg11501), to understand ones Upanissaya (strong (at)tending)

Bhojana Sutta: A Meal ([url][/url])

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa - ([url][/url])

"In giving a meal, the donor gives five things to the recipient. Which five? He/she gives life, beauty, happiness, strength, & quick-wittedness. Having given life, he/she has a share in long life, either human or divine. Having given beauty, he/she has a share in beauty, either human or divine. Having given happiness, he/she has a share in happiness, either human or divine. Having given strength, he/she has a share in strength, either human or divine. Having given quick-wittedness, he/she has a share in quick-wittedness, either human or divine. In giving a meal, the donor gives these five things to the recipient."

The prudent person giving life, strength,
   beauty, quick-wittedness —
the wise person, a giver of happiness —
   attains happiness himself.
Having given life, strength, beauty,
   happiness, & quick-wittedness,
he has long life & status
   wherever he arises.

That might be the reason why woman usually getting older, are more beautiful... to answer subtle the question out of this perspective as well.

And of course, there have been also femal monkeys seeking for sexual relations (abrahmacariya ( with monks and vice versa, where ever puts food of becoming into it, one "arrives".
Title: Re: Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman?
Post by: VisuddhiRaptor on September 29, 2017, 01:14:29 pm
This reminds me of a Zen story, about the monk who carried the lady across the stream. After the monk dropped the lady on the other side, the monk's companion scolded him for carrying a woman. The monk replied: "I let the lady go one hour ago but you are still carrying the lady in your mind". I imagine the poster on the other forum was just making a joke & has let go of the joke. But, because Johann is still carrying the joke in his/her mind, the joke is on Johann. 

Title: Re: Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman?
Post by: Samana Johann on September 29, 2017, 03:59:36 pm
Title: Re: Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman?
Post by: Tirisilex on September 29, 2017, 06:19:52 pm
I read that If you are really close to your mother in this life you will be reborn as a Male and if you are really close to your father you will reborn as a female.. But I think there are other factors as well.. It's just what I read in a Buddhist book about death and reincarnation.
Title: Re: Will giving alms food to a nun lead to my rebirth as a woman?
Post by: Samana Johann on September 29, 2017, 08:21:31 pm

of course there are many factors and things are up to the tendencies. How ever, most speculations do not find really direct support but are merely developments of fortune-tellers, people who do such as called "animal-trade" (by the Buddha).

So it's also a plausible and in social regards skilled peoples spheres known a saying, that if a felmale child has a bad relation to her mother, she will not be capable to lead a lastig relation with a male patner, and vici versa.

There are certain "rules" in this area, which are very reasonable, all somehow related to right view (e.g. gratitude and one position, kamma, rebirts and so on).
Once a person has gained right view, has put all his/her relation into the right position, ones ways are open and secure in all directions ( without much trouble and pain.

So it's very good to be in peace with especially the relations one owes gratitude ( to and not to try to be the mother of the mother, as a child, or the husband of ones husband and vici versa, in this way things will be better and good, step by step.

Where ever one puts food into, inwardly, and outwardly, one "arives", so don't be to much fascinated about your pets, sure they led sometimes pleasant seeming lifes but do mostly have not long ancestor lines in such nice seeming circumstances.

Every being is worthy of the gift and share of the for requisites in need and in proper time ( But it's good to know clear who is first, see the formost as the formost, to tend in such direction.

It's a blessing being born in a good family and makes things possible much easier, yet even such is no future security if not possessing the seven treasures ( by one self for now.
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