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Bon and Buddhism in Tibet
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Several reputable experts agree that Bon is not only a legitimate Vajrayana school, but that it was the first school to bring Buddhism into Tibet, probably from trade links within Persia.  Like the historical link of all Vajrayana schools and claims of lineages stretching back to Shakyamuni, there is probably an element of truth and a degree of fable in the records.

Whilst the Vajrayana schools have their differences, the cross-fertilisation between them would have assisted the spread of Bon practices and beliefs.  One modern Bon source asserted that they take Refuge in the Triple Gem, which would legitimise their current practice as Buddhist.  It is quite possible that having introduced a form of Buddhism, Bon then asserted an independent stance for a period following Tibetan persecution of its leaders, and is now reassuming elements of Buddhist practice.

Subsequent influences are apparent, for example in the concept of the Bardo and in the debating style of the Gelugpa.

Before the Bon frum was launched I investigated its claim to be Buddhist and found this article by Berzin to be the most convincing:


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