Author Topic: Buddhism is not Western Science is not Truth is Buddhism  (Read 1208 times)

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Buddhism is not Western Science is not Truth is Buddhism
« on: July 15, 2017, 06:18:26 pm »
Many people take Western Science to be Truth regarding reality. Many people take Buddhism to be Truth regarding reality. Some think that if Western Science is the Truth then Buddhism must be exactly squeezed and jammed into Western Science, or Western Science has to be squeezed and jammed into Buddhism. Truth is Truth afterall, some must think, so if Western Science is true and Buddhism is true, they must be made to sing in harmony. One note, one chord. Just like any irritating music, such people likely sound irritating after a while on their Buddhist Science One String Harps. In fact, BuddhistScience said really fast sounds rather like a sneeze, so Bless you.

Buddhism is not Western Science. Western Science is not Buddhism.

Western Science can be made about Buddhism, and Buddhism can be made out to be about Western Science, but why are you making out with words or forcing them to make out with each other like two barbie dolls.

Enjoy each separately, enjoy them together even, but if you find yourself pressured to lie, maybe take a break.

Buddhism doesn't need you. Western Science doesn't need you. They both personally called me up and told me they don't need you, then after a bit of flirtation, shocked me, informing me they don't need me either! Maybe they were offended that I had both on the line at the same time.

Well guess what. I could've called Western Science back and said "baby, please, you mean the world to me, that is why I asked Buddhism to color her hair blonde, so that she might look more like you" but what I did instead was stimulate myself to old pictures of Buddhism. Yes, that proved it. I am not a Western Scientist, I'm lusting after Buddhism. I remember how sweet and bubbly and sometimes stupid Buddhism is. Western Science, well there is no denying that Western Science has class. When Western Science walks into a room, every head turns, and Western Science just looks on ahead, nose up in the air. Everyone wants a picture with Western Science, autographed, to say that we are friends, personal friends with Western Science.

Western Science wears all the latest clothes, has all the latest technology, is up to date on the news. Buddhism? A children's book writer, kind of shabby and dated, recycling ideas we've all heard a million times before, be good be good. No. Lets put Buddhism in a tight dress like Western Science might wear and make Buddhism walk around with their nose in the air like Western Science does. Lets stop Buddhism from making picture books for children and instead lets get Buddhism to make tutorials on how to make yourself inaccessible to people and scoff at everything they do and say.

Buddhism as Buddhism is, inclusive of what Buddhism was, is not Western Science. Western Science is younger than Buddhism, has different parents than Buddhism, a different ethnic makeup and genetics than Buddhism.

So yes, we can make Buddhism into Western Science, sort of, but if we are lusting after Western Science so much, why not just go for Western Science and let go of Buddhism? Do you think Buddhism feels good that you are so obviously trying to say that Buddhism is not good enough if Buddhism does not look like Western Science?

Western Science doesn't care. I talked to Western Science, and Western Science said there is no way in hell Western Science is going to dress as Buddhism, shabby dusty robes and smiles? No thank you.

Buddhism, is a story about identity and acceptance, funnily enough. So much about Buddhism and Buddhist thought and philosophy and discourse is just that, Identity and Acceptance.


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