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Re: Science and Buddhism?
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I do not have to observe a chair for it to pop into existence.

Actually, “to exist” means “to appear to a consciousness.”

Indeed, if a chair does not appear to a consciousness, how can is be said to exist?

The dependent arising of phenomena in a Buddhist context is nothing to do with QM.

Your answer is not only wrong, but also irrelevant.

Prove it, in Plain English.

Your answer is wrong because, since QM is a phenomenon, it cannot not have to do with the dependent arising of phenomena.

And your answer is irrelevant, because it does not relate to my original point.

No, QM as a phenomena is just some fuzzy images on a screen.

If so, you have just agreed that what you call “QM” is a phenomenon; but since you have miserably failed to prove that a phenomenon cannot not have to do with the dependent arising of phenomena, you have just been thoroughly defeated.

You are just parroting lines from books

Since you are unable to show the books whose lines I am alleged to be parroting, you have just provided solid evidence of your being a compulsive liar, and specifically a dishonest discussion partner.

and don't even understand what a phenomenon is. Or dependent arising for that matter.  Clueless.

If so, you should have provided evidence of the alleged misunderstanding you impute to me, but, since you miserably failed to do so, you have just provided convincing evidence of your own intellectual dishonesty.

You are just a patronising NKT troll

Your gratuitous feeling of being “patronized” has already been shown to be a strong sign of a serious inferiority complex.

Besides, your compulsive need to label others as “trolls” falls well under what is explained by psychologists as “projective identification”.

As to the NKT connection, the funny thing here is that, as already said, hardly any point made by me on this forum fails to contradict statements found on NKT texts.

However, your baseless insistence on seeing such a connection, always failing to provide any evidence, suggests that you might be possessed by some kind of serious phobia.

May I suggest specialized treatment.

spouting unintelligible word-salad

This is what any stubbornly illiterate person says while facing a text. Why should it be different with you?

and attacking anyone who disagrees with you.

Is it because I am a Borg?

No wonder your cult has been banned on most Buddhist forums.

I really don't know what you are talking about. Is it to do with quantum mechanics? Or maybe with dependent arising?

Hopefully you'll get banned from this one too

I understand your infantile wish to eliminate what you cannot cope with. This is often explained by psychologists as lack of self-esteem.

after your self-indulgent ad homs on anyone who challenges your preach pronouncements.

Again the Borg thing. Are you suggesting that resistance is futile?
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