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Re: 'The Buddha' two hour documentary premiers on PBS April 7th
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Right.  If they had bagged Gere and gotten someone like Robert Thurman, who has a distinctive voice, with years of study and practice behind his presentation.  Maybe Umma could have mad a cameo.  That would have been exciting!

I didn't have a problem with either poet - Hirshfield or Merwin.

I won't speak to the rest of you, but poetry plays a big role in the tradition I practice in.  Realized masters have, throughout my lineage's history expressed realization via poetry from the the dowas of the mahasiddha Milarepa right down to today with the Karmapa, my own teacher - the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, his guru - Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and many others.

I'm not saying that Hirshfield and Merwin have any sort of realiztion, but their poetry is informed/inspired by the Dharma and poets often bring a perspective that academics do not have.

One thing I thought would have been cool, is if they had bagged using Richard Gere for narrator and got someone like Peter Coyote or Robert Redford instead (I find Gere's speaking vioce irritating).  Another thing would have been to have an ordinary, everyday, unremarkable Buddhist practitioner offer comment.
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