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The Rohingya
« on: June 26, 2015, 08:15:22 am »
This is my opinion, that the "Buddhists" who persecute the Muslim Rohingya people are equally as evil as the "Muslims" of ISIS.

On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 the House of Representatives passed a Resolution urging the Burmese government to end the persecution of ethnic minority Rohingya Muslims. This was made possible in part by our tremendous activists and supporters who contacted their Representatives in Congress and told them that the US will not condone the discrimination and violence inflicted on the Rohingya people.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living in northern Arakan/Rakhine State in western Burma. They have faced severe persecution and violence at the hands of the state and national governments for decades.

There are approximately 1.33 million Rohingya in Burma, but the country's 1982 Citizenship Law denies them citizenship in spite of the fact that Rohingya have lived in Burma for generations. Burmese President Thein Sein outright denies the existence of the Rohingya as an ethnic group of Burma, calling them "Bengali" instead. Labeling the Rohingya "Bengali" is a discriminatory, xenophobic way of erroneously implying that Rohingya are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Government persecution has enabled Rakhine Buddhist nationalists to implement a reign of terror against the Rohingya with impunity. Hate speech directed against Rohingya Muslims appears regularly in state-run media, and some Buddhist monks have instigated vitriolic rumors and discrimination against the minority group. Hate speech has helped fuel waves of violence and systematic arson attacks in Rakhine State.

Full article is here:
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