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The Egg by Andy Weir
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:16:27 am »

...ok guys, please read this story in the link, and answer this: let's take this story at face value, and let's say having lived every human life and had very experience through out all time is the core cause of cracking out of the egg (enlightenment, I guess) - ..what next? Still rebirth hundreds of years prior to the life after buddhahood? Or conscious rebirth in whatever time? If not.... isn't the cosmos and and everything in it just a giant clucking joke?

Once you crack out of the egg, you would be capable of being the guide that leads the one's still inside the yolk to crack their own egg... but... if you're stuck in non-linear time, going back and forth, what's the point?

I'm genuinely baffled.

obviously, the point for the one who's cracked the egg, is to go back and forth to teach how to crack the egg, but if this person / being, has cracked the egg, and causes societal changes or has an impact on peoples spiritual progress, what's the point of the non-linear entries and re-entries into the same and previous time-streams? Wouldn't the progress be more dynamic If the guides took rebirth in the times where they can continue their work? making the egg-crackers (haha!) more suited to a linear time progress, rather than a non-linear one?

This is seriously interesting stuff. ...before I go on a non-stop rant, someone please weigh in! All of you, please..



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