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butterfly effect
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:15:25 pm »
one of zoroastrianism sins is "not sharing knowledge", and lots of times i had a prove that sharing my knowledge in order to help people gives feedback and the more i share the more i understand back, get important advises.

that's my way of life for years already, just throwing an info, getting the helpful response and taking the next step. i always tried to prove my truth but usually people hardly understand me, but if i think i believe someone exists to understand me, i don't think just unto free space without any destination, cause what i think and understand isn't based on nothing, it's based on my life experience.

just think about what you get the info from while composing or inventing something. you can't really invent a thing, it always comes from an event that actually happened, cause it can't be otherwise. and this is where butterfly effect takes place, someone moved his hand for a part of a millimeter and then someone thought something a bit differently. all of us make history every millisecond of his life, cause history doesn't happen every half of a day, of half of an hour by decision of some politician. the humanity and nature is a complicated (the most complicated) system, and parts of the system, all atoms, electrons etc interact with each other right now, and their concentration is spread, that means moving your hand holding a mouse of tapping a phone with your finger causes all the universe to change immediately, that's the history, not just widely broadcasted speeches on tv.


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