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Dear friends,

We are delighted to inform you that the registration for the Vajrasattva Drupchen 2014 is well in progress.
Rinpoche and all the members of the coordination team will be happy to meet you in our heart home Dharma City where we are going to perform the Vajrasattva Drupchen from 14th July, 2014 to 24th July, 2014.
The tradition to perform the Vajrasattva Drupchen is kept in all Buddhist school of Tibet.
It has a particular purpose —the purification of the entire environment and of all beings, including ourselves. Through this purification we are polishing our view and train ourselves in pure perceptions, which are most essential in the Buddhist practice. And, as it is said, it is even sometimes possible to heal our physical and mental sicknesses.
The Vajrasattva Drupchen can be performed for living beings and for those who already passed away. So it is often practiced for the benefit of someone who just left this world, in order to purify all the temporary obscurations of this person and help him to be reborn in a good realm.
The sadhana of Vajrasattva performed in the tradition of the Drupchen is a very skillful means to catch our busy mind and release it from the clouds of unawareness.

The Drupchen organized by Patrul Rinpoche has a particular blessing from Rinpoche's root teacher, Drukpa Kunley Rinpoche from Dzogchen Monastery, who is very famous in Dzogchen for his profound meditation practice. Drukpa Rinpoche is always praying for the great success of our Drupchen.

So everyone is very welcome to join our Intensive Meditative Practice. It is definitely a great chance for all of us to study, to keep and transmit this great tradition, which is able to bring the great accomplishment, in Europe.

We are progressing every year and now we already have many students who became familiar with the job of vajra servants, voice leaders and musicians. But anyway, even you are a newcomer, please do not get discouraged. Rinpoche himself will teach how to follow the sadhana during first two days (14th July to 16th July am). On top of this, you can still study with all the other students who have already became more familiar with the sadhana.

For those who decided to take part in the drupchen, we recommend to bring their own vajra and bell, small white conch, which can contain liquid, small men-rak capala (or just small cup with cover instead) and small cup for rice. It is also good to have few white katags, and stand for pecha text.

According to the new system of registration, there is no deadline anymore. You can send your enrolment form in the last moment, but for the sake of better organization we are asking for your help by enroling early.

For Russian Students, and the students of all other countries where a visa is required, we are helping by preparing the invitation letter.

The preparatory course will be translated on Russian.

As for the sadhana, for the moment we have the text in English, Russian and Japanese.

You will find more detail explanation about Drupchen with commentaries by Rinpoche on our website:

On-line enrolment form is on the bottom of this page:

All your questions you can send here or contact by phone:

+32 494 79 47 87 (Tulku Chimed)
+372-5796-6368 (Masha).
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