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A Reflection Upon Mothers (The Day After Mother's Day)
« on: May 15, 2017, 08:11:30 am »
Apologies to all mothers,
As I forgot to post this,
On Mother's Day:

Mother’s seem to come in variety.
Tall, short, thin, fat,
Intellectual, moderately informed,
Energetic, calm & thoughtful in their entirety.

Some display patience,
Others seem to constantly worry.
Many show persistence,
Most under pressure consistently scurry.

All deserving the title,
Overwhelm us with love.
Like angels directing what’s best,
They push and kindly shove.

Directing us not where we necessarily want,
Turning to encouragement and taunt,
Mothers invariably,
And persistently flaunt,

Our own personal admirers,
Our own father’s brides,
Stand alertly beside us,
And at once by our sides.

Deliverers, and pickers-up,
Chauffeurs and our guides.
Giving us and all our best friends,
Transport and rides.

Cooking our meals,
Tireless, motherly overseers,
Reminding of homework,
Wiping our tears.

Kissing the hurts,
Ignoring the flirts.
Staying on track,
Ironing our shirts.

Best thing about them,
As one reminisces,
Are their firm warm hugs at bedtime,
And their all-over-the-face kisses.

Aside from owing them our very lives,
And those clean spots behind our ears.
Let’s join to give all of them thanks,
With our smiles and our cheers!

Happy Mother’s Day, mommies!
To one and to all.
We collectively all love you.
Today,  (or yesterday) please have a ball!

So, when you get your flowers,
And we take you to lunch.
Remember how much we love you.
‘Cause we all love you a whole bunch!

The End
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A head of gray hairs doesn't mean one's an elder. Advanced in years, one's called an old fool.
But one in whom there is truth, restraint, rectitude, gentleness,self-control, he's called an elder, his impurities disgorged, enlightened.
-Dhammpada, 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


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