Author Topic: Sri Lankan Buddhist communities...hold candlelight vigils for bombing victims  (Read 2049 times)

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After the attacks that killed 320 in Sri Lanka on Sunday, Sri Lankan Buddhist communities across North America are holding candlelight vigils. The attacks were thought to be carried out by Islamist terrorists, targetting Christians. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist-majority country, and there are many Sri Lankan Buddhist centers in the USA and Canada.

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I went to Sri Lanka on a kind of holiday-come-cultural visit many years ago, visiting the Temple of the Tooth and so on. I remember wondering at the time how such a Buddhist country could be so violent, as I couldn't go to the North because of continuing fighting with the Tamil Tigers. It was such a wonderful country to be beset by such problems.

The tsunami destroyed many of the coastal places I visited when I stayed at a hotel at the end of my travels, and I still think of the people there who were killed. These bombings have brought back such feelings, and the people of Sri Lanka will be in my thoughts when I meditate.
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