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Re: blogs
« Reply #45 on: October 03, 2016, 11:21:46 am »
It's not mine, rather it belongs to monk and writer Ven. Dhammika, but I have gained enjoyment from his blog Dhamma Musings ( for many years. He discusses a variety of subjects with his own personal take, and what's more he is both enlightening and genuinely funny.

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Re: blogs
« Reply #46 on: October 03, 2016, 05:40:16 pm »
It's interesting that almost none of the blogs linked to above are still being updated or even in existence anymore. It seems that a lot of folks start a blog and then poop out.

For years i wrote a column for a local paper and when the internet was first coming together, I thought of doing something like a blog about my zazen practice, but I was too busy earning a living with my art (painting) and sitting zazen to do so, but I did write some pieces for a local magazine.

Now that I'm not painting anymore and I have a little more time (not lots) I've started writing again, mostly on a memoir of my time in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury in the sixties, which I'm trying to finally finish. I put up a website a few years ago to encourage me to write and I'm gradually getting more into it. Recently I decided to post something new every week or two (there, I've said it). I also sometimes post chapters from my memoir, but then I chicken out and take them down again. I'm also frequently adding to and editing what I've already written.

Granted it's "...Online Ego Self-fullfilment and aggrandizement," but posting on discussion boards like this is probably more of the same. There are more harmful pastimes. In fact I think writing and thinking about the results of meditation, and such, probably keeps the brain cells multiplying in us old farts.
At least I make an effort to read what everyone else has to say. I also like to read other folks' blogs. Here are a few of my favorite (zen of course) --

One reason I like this site is it's pretty "free" -- shameless self-aggrandizement, flogging one's blog, or pushing one's favorite sect, and just about anything else, is apparently OK here. One discussion board I visited doesn't even let you mention your blog, which i think is silly because a blog lets one go a little deeper and we can get to know the people who post better if they have a blog on the side.

I'm not discouraged that only a few people visit my website. That takes the pressure off to perform. I'll admit that I probably get more out of it than anyone else, but like any artist I like an audience for my ideas, even if only a small audience. In fact I'd probably freak out if I suddenly got popular (not that I'm in any danger).
My first formal meditation training was with Shunryu Suzuki in the 60's and later with Kobun, Robert Aitken and many other teachers (mainly zen). However, I've spent the most time practicing on my own, which is all I do now. I'm living in a rather isolated area so I miss connecting with other practitioners. Despite my interest in zen I've made an effort to remain secular. You can visit my website at

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Re: blogs
« Reply #47 on: November 24, 2016, 11:26:03 pm »
Oh! I would love to show my blog here:

Would anybody like to contribute their post in my blog. I will definitely credit them.  :anjali: :pray: :namaste:


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