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Help with email, please!
« on: January 11, 2010, 12:04:00 pm »
I use Yahoo!  I don't have a paid subscription.  In fact I have two Yahoo! accounts.  One's private and one's for public (so I don't care if spam bots get to it).

You can't use Yahoo! Ymail or Rocketmail as a POP account.  But I found a little program called Ypop which supposedly allows you to intergate any emails you like (including Yahoo! or ymail) into a program like Microsoft Mail, which works like Outlook Express right on your desktop.

I thought I followed the directions perfectly and entered all the right POP numbers and addresses, and nothing is coming in when I hit "sychronize" except an error message.

Has anyone tried to use Yahoo! as POP before?  It seems that only gmail is equipped, as free emails go.

Laura  :)


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