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Title: Emergency Food Relief For 320 Patients at Siem Reap Provincial Hosp. - Cambodia
Post by: Hanzze on October 19, 2011, 11:09:51 am
Dear friends, parties and families of LHA,

I believe you have been following up the recent floods in Southeast Asian countries, particularly Cambodia. Please read the Emergency Food Campaign below and in attachment, and spread the words out as much as you can. Thanks in advance for your kindness and responsible hearts!!


320 Patients at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital,

by Women and Girls from PAGE and Sewing School

Severe flooding continues to devastate Cambodia. Five consecutive floods, in less than two months, the country’s worst floods in over a decade, have resulted in more than 250 deaths and an estimated 1.5 million people homeless and without food and drinking water.

The girls from PAGE and Sewing School are working together to help those affected by floods. Hotel De La Paix - LHA Sewing School provides those under-privileged/disadvantaged young girls and women a skill with the aim of giving them a viable opportunity to break the poverty cycle and build for themselves and their communities a better future. PAGE is a place for under-privileged/disadvantaged girls who wish to continue their education through high school and beyond.

Fortunately, our students from both the Sewing School and PAGE projects are safe, but they are totally heartbroken by their families’ and communities’ plight. After visiting the provincial hospital, their tears cried out with sadness and deep questions. So far the provincial hospital has accepted 320 patients and some of them are unable to return home since they are severely sick plus they don’t have anywhere to go as their homes and villages are completely or partially cut-off or destroyed by the flood.

Through the support of the monks of Wat Damnak and Life and Hope Association, these girls and women live on the support from generous hearts of many friends. Seen this, now they are giving back to their communities, and they are determined to distribute some food over the next few days at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital. We always post the latest news on our facebook, please add us on yours.


Each “emergency pack” costs $12 which includes: 15kg of rice, 2 cans of fish, 1kg of sugar, and 1 bottle of soy sauce. Any help is more than welcome and it will make a huge difference! We need 320 emergency packs for 320 patients!!! Anything you donate will mean a lot to them!!


If you would like to assist us to help those people in dire need, kindly make a donation via our paypal account: [url][/url] ([url][/url]) or if you are in Siem Reap, please come to our office at Wat Damnak (near old market), Sangkat Salakomreuk, Siem Reap, or give us a call, office phone: (855-0)63 761 819, Cell phone: Ven. Somnieng (both Khmer & English Speaking), (855-0)92 929 962, email:, website: [url=][/url] ([url][/url])


Quote: If you want to be happy, practice compassion

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Your Faithfully,
Executive Director| Life and Hope Association|
Wat Damnak| Siem Reap| Cambodia.
Office: +855 63 761 810| Cell: +855 92 929 962| [url=][/url] ([url][/url]) 

Video explaining LHA: [url][/url] ([url][/url]) 
U.S. and Hong Kong tax deductible donations through [url=][/url] ([url][/url])
Title: Re: Emergency Food Relief For 320 Patients at Siem Reap Provincial Hosp. - Cambodia
Post by: Hanzze on October 21, 2011, 10:44:43 pm
The rain is going on and today the kids living at our house recognized one rat (we have a big family behind our house, and the kids know them since they have been child's by them self - usually rats are enemies in the city and food in the country side) carry there babies one by one out of there home because the water had entered there hole.

The mother here self sick, with a swollen bloody eye would never give up. Now the babies are waiting for here success, she is searching for a new home, safe here babies but needed to leave them alone.


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