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Funding a retreat practice
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:28:35 am »
Dear FreeSangha community!

my name is András and I'm contacting you from Hungary.

I started practicing on daily basis within the practicing lineage 10 years ago and from that time my dream was always to get to the a long retreat session to deepen my practice. One never knows, maybe this is the last time in life when I will have enough free time. I know what does it take. I have some shorter retreat experiences with other traditions, but I know that I can face the challenges. We counted and pre-orgnized some pieces and everything seems working, only that we dont have the "green energy" as Trungpa rinpoche called it, for this, yet. We would not need much for this, as I counted, if few people would gave 10 or 20 dollar, for me that would mean my long waited dream will become true.

I know personally that there is many suffering in this world, what needs our attention - I also work and help with amazingly poor people, people without homes or sometimes a daying person, but I think we also need to look to the other side and support, at least with attention the innovations and rising forces around. Here in Hungary people are very poor and not easy to focus others attentions on innovations, that's why I am trying to reach abroad.

So in this spirit I would love to ask that if you can support the project (again, no matter how little) I would be really thankfull, here at the other side of the world! Or if you can not help, please share with as people if you can, whom you think would resonate with the inspiration behind this dream.
Or at least just think about me.

What i need for it is really just if few people give as little as they can, for me it would mean a lot.

Thank you very much and a deep-deep bow!

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