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Dzog Chen Cycles at Dawn Mountain
« on: March 03, 2017, 12:29:07 pm »
Dzogchen  is  the  crowning  jewel  of  the  Nyingma (ancient)  Tibetan  Buddhist  traditions.  Its  radiance illuminates  the  entire  path  from  beginning  to  end.  Dzogchen  teachings  are  famous  for  their  simple power and ultimate ease.    Dawn Mountain’s program offers a full path from the early stages of practice to a transformative view of the vastness of the  Dzogchen  teachings.  This is serious, ancient  Buddhist  practice  tailored  to  fit  your  life, crystallized  through  Rinpoche  and  guiding teachers, Anne Klein and Harvey Aronson.  Students in Dzogchen Cycles will gather for a retreat in Houston, Texas  once  a  year,  starting  May  5-12,  2017.  Teachings  in  between  retreats  will  be  offered  live online as well as in person, and each student will be paired with a mentoring friend as well as encouraged to  meet  in  small  groups  online, or  in  person  as possible. Paylo Rinpoche  is  renowned  as  perhaps the  greatest  Dzogchen  master  in  Tibet/China  today.  Regarded as the reincarnation of Jigme Lingpa, Ngari Panchen, and others, he is a prolific Terton—revealer of treasures,  he  has  blessed  and  entrusted  Lama Anne and Lama Harvey with a mandate to teach these as part of Dzogchen Cycles.

To learn more about this three year program, please visit  or view video at


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