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Initial experiences of the Nature of Mind
« on: August 27, 2010, 02:54:55 pm »
This final Dzogchen Sampler is from my own teacher, Rigdzin Shikpo Rinpoche, based in Oxford, England.

His book "Openness, Clarity and Sensitivity" is published by the Longchen Foundation - further details here:

I've chosen three paragraphs from the elementary Dzogchen meditation training which illustrate this current Dzogchen teaching style.


What we do not realize is that the person who is in charge and rules our life is, in fact, still just a collection of emotions, feelings, thoughts and so on. Although the observing me seems to be different from the observed me, in fact it is no different from the me consisting of all the observed thoughts, perceptions and emotions arising in the mind.

It is when we begin to realise this, that we begin to appreciate that the backdrop of space, awareness and well-being really is something separate from that whole process. It does not change, whereas the person who seems to be in charge changes all the time. His opinions, emotions, prejudices and ideas change, but even so they are what we identify with. We think all this is 'me' but actually its just something that arises within that space, awareness and sensitivity. It is just a feature of that.

Once you have developed very strong self-confidence, in the sense of a good feeling about that space, you have no problem about the thoughts that arise and disappear. It does not matter what kind of thoughts they are. It does not matter if they are what we call bad thoughts or good thoughts. They are in that space and because they are in that space there is no problem. There is nothing that one cannot stand to see.

"Your first task on the path is to learn to stop being a nuisance to the world"
adapted from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


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