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Title: Pure Golden Ore
Post by: Bodhicandra on August 27, 2010, 10:08:42 am
This is an excerpt from "Eye of the Storm - Vairotsana'a Five Original Transmissions", Tr. Dowman, K. Vajra Publications, Kathmandu,2006.

Vairotsana was a Tibetan who, in the eighth century,  was asked to go to India, receive and understand the Dzogchen transmissions from the Indian Masters, bring them back to Tibet, translate them and then pass them on.

It's interesting to note that it was felt that the best way to 'import' the teachings was to train someone 'local' to collect and pass on the transmissions, rather than have an Indian try to teach Tibetans within their own culture. Is this a model for Dzogchen in the West?

This is the middle-length transmission of the five.

Hay, Magnificent Being, listen!

Pure mind, inexpressible, beyond ideation,
as the light of the teacher is extolled by all;
as the heart of experience it is the Gentle Prince
resting in the spontaneous pleasure of effortless perfection.

As the basis of all disciplines, such as moral conduct,
pure mind provides release in its every mode,
it is the buddha's mother and the universal path -
without it no buddha could come into being:
I am the way to supreme liberation.

Subtle and elusive, this universal path transcends thinking and non-thinking;
without location or reference - indeterminate - it is beyond all ideation;
unutterable, it has no colour or shape in a sensory field;
intangible and inscrutable, it is inexpressible.

Whoever follows the ancient sages' path [of formal meditation]
becomes sick from attachment to the meditation process;
his teachers' literal instructions construed as a quest
he chases a stream of concepts, as if pursuing a mirage:
the perfect modality, cannot be indicated by words
and any 'true doctrine' is a travesty of Vajrasattva.

Purity and impurity, as one, indissolubly mixed,
pristine awareness and bewilderment are indivisible;
this is the lamp of unimpeded clarity free of mentation
and intractable nescience, in itself, is sovereign samadhi.

The eye of direct insight seeing directly sees nothing
and it is called the 'buddha-eye of omniscience';
know the nature of vastness without center or boundary
and there lies undiscriminating sovereign equality.

Pure mind and its habits are one, indissolubly mixed:
all manifold experience, by mind projected,
shines as adornment neither accepted not rejected -
simply let it be and enjoy it!

Activity that is anathama or taboo,
the five emotions and the five inexpiable crimes,
on the path of purity deliver sovereign equality;
nothing is rejected, not even sex.

The intellect conditioned by traditional form and meaning,
the three samadhis set, following doctrine and dogma,
this is a glitch in the effortless transmission - it is delusion;
abide in the spontaneous pleasure of free-form perfection!

The core of sublime self-sprung awareness,
imperturbable, unchanging, unelaborated -
this is the ambrosia of timeless consummation
that vanquishes the pain of any exertion:
every ambition fulfilled, rest in the here-and-now!

Hay, Magnificent Being, listen!
All and everything in experience
has the nature of pure mind -
it is the seminal nucleus;
incapable of elaboration or concentration,
expansion or contraction,
origination or cessation,
unconfined, it is simply being.
This incomparable essence,
timelessly present like the sky,
ubiquitous like space,
transcends ideas and speech.

Title: Re: Pure Golden Ore
Post by: truemoves on July 19, 2012, 07:02:56 am
Sounds like a good idea... seems to me the model for the west with a lot of Tibetan traditions is more of a business model.
Title: Re: Pure Golden Ore
Post by: Dairy Lama on July 19, 2012, 07:06:37 am
Sounds like a good idea... seems to me the model for the west with a lot of Tibetan traditions is more of a business model.

Yes, and not just Tibetan traditions. :wink1:
Title: Re: Pure Golden Ore
Post by: truemoves on July 19, 2012, 03:44:13 pm
I love so many traditions I don't mean to sound cynical.
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