Author Topic: Dzogchen meditation practice rooted in the Pali canon  (Read 5496 times)

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Re: Dzogchen meditation practice rooted in the Pali canon
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I wasn't suggesting a hybrid, just that shamata is used in Dzogchen practice - as a preliminary practice if I remember correctly.  The version I was taught resembles anapanasati, with 25% attention on the breath and 75% "spacious awareness".
Interesting. If you dont mind my asking, where did you learn this approach?

While I was involved in Rigpa, Sogyal Rinpoche.
Warning: I'm enough of a fundamentalist Tibet style Buddhist to believe that for the last 1,000 years Tibet has produced a handful of enlightened masters in every generation. I do not ask that YOU believe it, but it will greatly simplify conversations if you understand that about me. Thanks.


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