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Three words that strike the crucial point
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:44:42 pm »
The time was the eighth century, the place was Tibet, and Garab Dorje was the first human teacher of Dzogchen.

This is that first teaching:

Introduction directly to one's own nature is the first crucial point.

To decide directly upon one thing is the second crucial point.

To have confidence directly in liberation is the third crucial point.

Below is Master Patrul Rinpoche's eighteenth century commentary on this teaching, taken from "Lion's Gaze" , Khenpos Palden Sherhab and Tsewang Dongyal, Sky Dancer 1998.

Please remember that the following instructions are intended for someone who has received the full transmission and many years preparatory practice.

It is pointless to attempt this practice without adequate supervision and permission.

It is presented here so that fortunate individuals can (re-)connect with these teachings and gain the motivation to seek a Dzogchen teacher.

The special teaching of the Wise and Glorious Sovereign

Homage to the Guru.

The view is Longchen Rabjam, infinite vast expanse.
The meditation is Khyentse Odzer, light rays of knowledge and love.
The activity is Gyalwai Nyugu, offspring of the victoriuos ones.

One who practices in this way
Will surely become buddha in one lifetime.
Even if not, what a happy mind - ah la la.

The view is Longchem Rabjam:
Three words that strike to the crucial point of meaning.
First, rest your own mind at ease.
Don't project, don't concentrate: no thoughts.
Abiding in a state of evenness, at ease,
Suddenly shout a mind-shattering PHAT.
Violent, sharp and short ... Astonishing!
There is nothing - a total opening.
In that opening is utter transparency.
Utter transparency which is ineffable.
Identify this as dharmakaya awareness.
Introduction directly to one's own nature; this is the first crucial point.

Then, whether mind is active or still,
Angry or passionate, happy or sad;
At all times and situations,
Identifying the dharmakaya recognition,
Let the already acquainted mother and child clear light meet.
Rest in the state of the ineffable awareness aspect.
Again and again disrupt stillness, bliss, clarity and mental activity.
Suddenly hurl the letter of means and insight.
No distinction between sitting mediation and post-meditation.
No division of meditation sessions and breaks.
Abide continuously in that undivided state.
However, until stability is attained,
Give up commotion and cherish meditation.
Divide meditation into sessions.
At all times and in all situations,
Maintain the ups and downs of the single dharmakaya.
Decide that there is nothing other than that.
To decide directly upon one thing is the second crucial point.

At that time passion, aggression, joy and sorrow,
and every incidental thought,
Being recognized, leaves no trace.
Identify the dharmakaya in what is liberated:
Like a drawing on water,
It is continually 'naturally arising; naturally liberated'.
Whatever arises nourishes stark empty awareness,
Whatever moves is the expression of sovereign dharmakaya.
No trace; innately pure - ah la la.
The manner of arising is the same as before;
The distinguishing crucial point is the manner of liberation.
Without this, meditation is a path of delusion,
With it, the state of unmediated dharmakaya.
To have confidence directly in liberation is the third key point.

With this view of the three crucial points,
The meditation of interrelated knowledge and love,
And the support of the general bodhisattva activities,
Even if the buddhas of the three times conferred,
They would have no better instructions than this.
The treasure-finder of dharmakaya, awareness energy,
Brought forth this treasure from the expanse of insight.
This is unlike the extracts of earth and stone.
It is the last testament of Garab Dorje.
It is the heart extract of the three lineages.
To heart disciples it is entrusted and sealed.
Profound meaning: words of the heart.
Words of the heart: the crucial meaning.
Do not let the instructions fall away.
This is the special teaching of the wise and glorious sovereign.

Footnote. The wonderful book I have taken this extract from was produced by the brother Khenpos Palden Sherhab ands Tsewang Dongyal.

Sadly, Khenpo Palden  Sherhap Rinpoche passed away in June this year.

Tributes to him were made in this forum:

"Your first task on the path is to learn to stop being a nuisance to the world"
adapted from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


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