Author Topic: Hsi-fang ho-lun, work on the Pure Land by Yuan Hongdao  (Read 2630 times)

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Hsi-fang ho-lun, work on the Pure Land by Yuan Hongdao
« on: April 12, 2010, 07:41:07 pm »
Gassho everyone;
  I was just reading an essay in English on Yuan Hongdao, and there was a discussion of his work on the Pure Land in which he discusses it in light of Avatamsaka philosophy. Master Ou Yi  who was his contemporary really praise this work. And I'd love to read it. Does anyone know if it is in English?

It is collected in  Ching-t'u Shih yao and inclued in the Taisho Daizokyo(no. 1976) so I wonder then if it is translated into Japanese?
  gassho and thanks for  for any help
Om varada padme hum

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Re: Hsi-fang ho-lun, work on the Pure Land by Yuan Hongdao
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2010, 03:56:45 am »
Hi Rory,

About Yuan Hongdao,
up till now I have not heard about this buddhist master,
which is not a surprise because there are many chinese and other east-asian brilliant buddhist teachers
about whom we in the West have not heard yet.

Because you write that Yuan Hongdao was praised by Master Ou-I (I guess is Master Ou-Yi?),
and I do have a book, a commentary written by Master Ou-I, I write to you.
Maybe this can lead to you discovering certain Sutra translations. 

The title of the book is:
Mind-Seal of the Buddhas.

This commentary is written by the ninth Patriarch of the Pure Land School Master Ou-i;
it is a wonderful commentary on the Amitabha Sutra.
This book is a translation from the chinese into english by J.C. Cleary.

To my surprise I received Mind-Seal of the Buddhas, a gem teaching,
and four other books about The Pure Land School, all brilliant books,
for free ( this was around the year 2003)

The Sutra Translation Committee Of The United States And Canada
Dharma Master Lok To, Director
2611 Davidson Avenue.
Tel: (718) 584-0621

Some other addresses on the back of this book:

Buddhist Association of Canada
Cham Shan Temple
7254 Bay View Avenue
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 2RZ (Canada)

Buddhist Association of San Francisco
5230 Fulton Street
San Francisco, California 94121 (USA)

The Buddhist Society Of Wonderful Enlightenment
99 Madison Street
New York. New York 1002 (USA)

Young Men's Buddhist Association of America
2611 Davidson Avenue
Bronx. New York 10468 (USA)
tel: (718) 584-0621

You could write to the Sutra Translation Committee
on 2611 Davidson Avenue in the Bronx, NY,
and ask them about existing translations of Sutras
from chinese into japanese,
from japanese into english, etc.

Maybe all of the books from
The Sutra Translation Committee Of The United States And Canada
are not for sale.
You can find out if you wish to do so.
This Sutra Translation Committee can do this because of donations by anonymous buddhists
who wish to help with creating easy access to the priceless Buddha Dharma teachings.

In 1997 they had around 35 books on buddhism translated from east-asian languages into english.

Good luck with your search!  :namaste:





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