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Title: Sexsual Abuse in Buddha community
Post by: daimond on January 30, 2013, 10:13:18 am
well, i did not know what kind conscius in indonesia buddhis minds, when they face it with sexsual abuse it like defending the person who do sexsual abuse than helping the victim or support the victim to repot the sexsual abuse to law enforcment.

It written in FaceBook, and there a people like spaming, so like the truth would not be hear and like bending it,  cause the person post comment a statment admited the sexsual abuse behavior, ask forgivness and let it end there; but later afew day the statment post and fb account been erase.

There seem a person know much about that kind act did by the person and defend him and threat other victim not tell the truth and repot it.

I ancidently not so long ago  read about " jimmy savile" sexsual abuse from united kingdoom.

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