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Living with Mother
« on: August 05, 2016, 01:41:28 am »
Dear all,

I was wondering if someone had any thoughts on how I could manage my home situation. My mother has been living with us for awhile now. As she is Indian, she feels it's  perfectly allright to stay permanently with one of her children as is the culture. My husband is English and is totally accepting of her.

The problem is really myself. I work from home and find it frustrating to have mother around 24/7. It also feels like I never left home even though I now am now grown up and have my own family.
Mother is a very accommodating person and helps a fair bit. On the whole she is no trouble at all, although she is extremely negative, she now has learned not to speak badly of others in my presence -sometimes I hear her on the phone to her sister slagging people off!

Most of the time, I am okay about my situation but sometimes I am unhappy that I don't feel free and  my space  is invaded. Mother is very dependent on me and can be clingy and needy sometimes. I am often seeking ways to accept my situation without feeling resentful. I am very kind to her, compassionate and am attentive but sometimes I snap at her because some of her traditional ways or attitude annoy me. I love her but it doesn't mean I want to live with her!

I know I am far from Buddhist in my thoughts and behaviour,  but on a daily basis I find ways of bearing my situation. Its been a few years now. I keep wondering if I am selfish. Any suggestions on I can be comfortable with my situation will be helpful.
Thank you very much.


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