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Posting Guidelines
« on: December 05, 2009, 08:53:42 pm »
..."anything that is not meant to benefit others is simply not worth undertaking."

******************************** :buddha:********************************

In the end, all teachings--traditional or informal--have one aim: to help reduce self-importance and make room for the truth. - Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche


    Examples of how to apply the Eightfold Path in your interactions at freesangha

    1. Applying Right View in the forums might include...
    • Understanding Ignorance is something we ALL share beginners and advanced students alike
    • Understanding that things members say here might not be true or accurate
    • Assuming that if other members are misinformed it is not to slight your lineage sect or you personally
    • Understanding that if a member wrongs you in some way, they might be suffering very much
    • Understanding that those who have unfavorable conditions for practice may be trying to make their life more conducive to their practice.

    2. Applying Right Intention in the forums might include...
    • Responding to posts out of kindness not anger
    • Being humble.
    • Illustrating points for the benefit of others' understanding and not from your own craving for validation (although this is perfectly understandable as well--everyone needs to feel loved)
    • Expressing your ideas with the conscious motivation to learn where you are ignorant/attached and where your aversions lie
    • Reading others thoughts or interpretations of Buddhism with the purpose of helping yourself and them grow more in your/their understanding

    3. Applying Right Speech in the forums might include...
    • Always using the kindest and most direct language you can use even when you disagree
    • Letting your fellow members know when you agree with them not just when you disagree with them
    • Praising the progress of fellow members who are working very hard to advance their practice
    • Not fabricating truth and if uncertain of what is truth or fiction stating it honestly
    • Practising sensitivity towards cultural and ethnic differences in our modes of thinking.  We may be accustomed to very different expressions of the dharma and have very different views on shared real life experiences.

    4. Applying Right Action in the forums might include...
    • Extending patience to the fellow members of the sangha who may have more suffering that you are currently experiencing
    • Providing factual information that will help others
    • Alerting the staff aware of potential issues in the forum
    • Referring members to professional sources if necessary

    5. Applying Right Livelihood might include...
    • Understanding we all have different conditions that have led us to the various ways we earn a living
    • Having compassion for those who might have careers that harm them or others – we are not here to judge the situations of others.

    6. Applying Right effort might include...
    • Understanding that most people use the best judgment they have at the time they use it
    • Realizing that awakening might come in tiny steps, and every step counts
    • Making the effort to see things from another person's point of view as a tool for practicing kindness
    • Helping others with constructive resources to further their practice
    • Staying mindful of the fact that we are not here to judge the efforts of others, we are here to support our own and their growth in this practice.

    7. Applying Right Mindfulness in the forums might include...
    • Understanding that our comprehension of the dharma and others only goes as far as our acceptance of ourselves
    • Keeping in mind that English is not necessarily the native language of other fellow members
    • Realizing that we never know who might be a Buddha, and that anyone could be a Buddha
    • Understanding that we are all in the same boat (samsara) and we're all suffering
    • Staying on topic out of respect for the original poster of a topic

    8. Applying Right Concentration in the forums might include...
    • Advocating known practices like meditation and prayer for more clarity
    • Providing support for your fellow members of the sangha with attitudes and words that reflect the joy of practice and the importance of supporting each other in discovery every day

    Posting Guidelines:

    We strive to maintain our commitment to helping others progress on their path. The freesangha administration greatly values the role this forum might provide for members from all walks of life with the whole gamut of Buddhist ideology.  The staff especially values the role of open discussion in the forum as this sangha may also be the primary sangha for members who have no sangha close to them or those who wish to learn more of Buddhism.  Since there may be many members who are new to Buddhism or uncertain about what the dharma is all about, the administration invites our more seasoned Buddhist members to honor our forum with their knowledgeable contributions.


    • We value every member's path of discovery and practice tolerance towards all other expressions of Buddhism not our own.
    • All who agree to the forum's terms are welcome.
    • Every member has equal right to express their own viewpoint and we welcome diversity and discussion of all Buddhist tenets, doctrine, philosophy, and practice.
    • There are many sects and lineages of Buddhism on this forum, not all are the same or share the same forms of practice or ideological expressions of the Buddhist underpinning tenets.  While we respect everyone's choice of practice, we encourage the individual to cultivate their own knowledge.
    • We strongly recommend members researching their information thoroughly before making claims about what is and is not Buddhist, or before taking other members' opinions as facts to minimize the flow of misinformation or incorrect facts about Buddhism.
    • No group or individual will be discriminated against based on sect/lineage affiliation, gender, sexual preference, race, religion, disability/illness, physical or mental ability, interests, personal viewpoint, level of knowledge/ignorance, grammar, or spelling.
    • We do not support any recruiting for any sects of Buddhism, and those trying to push an ideology onto other members will be asked to respect each member's choice of practice.
    • We encourage posters to question everything they read on the board and recommend members verify claims they aren't certain of for themselves.
    • Members who wish to discuss opinions/religious views different/contrary to the Four Noble Truths or views that diverge from those of the Buddhist community at large (main traditions) will need to indicate this if questioned by other members or staff for the sake of other members' clarity.  Since we the staff the assume the Four Noble truths as the foundation of our practice, information that is contrary (pure opinions or facts contrary to Buddhist belief) will require evidence such as citations and sources for other posters to verify the validity of extraordinary claims.
    • For the sake of all our members, everyone is required to respect Right Speech.  Our words are the only means of expression on an online forum, whether members agree or disagree with each other's viewpoints, kind language is essential to productive discussions.
    • Monastics may submit their credentials to us if they wish to participate in a user group created specifically for ordained members.

    Administrative Notes:
    Our moderators are Buddhist practitioners but not necessarily ideological experts in all matters of Buddhism.  All staff at freesangha is voluntarily providing service for the members of this forum.  No one is receiving compensation for any service to this online sangha.  By registering to our terms of agreement, all members have kindly agreed to help create a positive and open atmosphere for members to exchange their ideas and practices.  All moderators will strive to keep all discussions productive and open.  All members of freesangha are subject to the same open book policy, all moderator activity is logged for the sake of transparency and accountability for difficult decisions regarding bans, edits, and deletion of posts/accounts.  
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    "# No group or individual will be discriminated against based on...grammar, or spelling."


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