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Title: Posting Guidelines
Post by: humanitas on December 05, 2009, 08:53:42 pm
..."anything that is not meant to benefit others is simply not worth undertaking."

******************************** :buddha:********************************

In the end, all teachings--traditional or informal--have one aim: to help reduce self-importance and make room for the truth. - Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche


Examples of how to apply the Eightfold Path in your interactions at freesangha

1. Applying Right View in the forums might include...

2. Applying Right Intention in the forums might include...

3. Applying Right Speech in the forums might include...

4. Applying Right Action in the forums might include...

5. Applying Right Livelihood might include...

6. Applying Right effort might include...

7. Applying Right Mindfulness in the forums might include...

8. Applying Right Concentration in the forums might include...

Posting Guidelines:

We strive to maintain our commitment to helping others progress on their path. The freesangha administration greatly values the role this forum might provide for members from all walks of life with the whole gamut of Buddhist ideology.  The staff especially values the role of open discussion in the forum as this sangha may also be the primary sangha for members who have no sangha close to them or those who wish to learn more of Buddhism.  Since there may be many members who are new to Buddhism or uncertain about what the dharma is all about, the administration invites our more seasoned Buddhist members to honor our forum with their knowledgeable contributions.


Administrative Notes:
Our moderators are Buddhist practitioners but not necessarily ideological experts in all matters of Buddhism.  All staff at freesangha is voluntarily providing service for the members of this forum.  No one is receiving compensation for any service to this online sangha.  By registering to our terms of agreement, all members have kindly agreed to help create a positive and open atmosphere for members to exchange their ideas and practices.  All moderators will strive to keep all discussions productive and open.  All members of freesangha are subject to the same open book policy, all moderator activity is logged for the sake of transparency and accountability for difficult decisions regarding bans, edits, and deletion of posts/accounts.  
Title: Re: Posting Guidelines
Post by: thornbush on December 05, 2009, 09:57:53 pm
"# No group or individual will be discriminated against based on...grammar, or spelling."
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