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Suggestions in regard of "Avatar and User placements"
« on: June 13, 2017, 07:24:38 am »
My person has written some words in regard of "Avatar and user replacements", conductive for communities general and more even for Dhamma communities here. Trusting that it might be a welcome support in suggestion, my person places this share here in your "Your Member Virtual Guide"-section.
Especially if you, the giver and owner and the maintaining team here on his behave, feel uncomfortable and do not, what ever reason, like to incourage to such free take-able advices, please do not hesitate to move it from here elsewhere, where ever you think it is proper for you.

Avatar and User placements

I would like to give some recommendation and explainings in regard of the personal user adjustments and avatar settings.

As we all know, the internet is often used as a playground to test some things but also a beloved place to try to addopt a different personality. A place where one is able to take on a different identity – so it is at least believed.

Of course a certain security of datas is importand – one would need to consider on this place that actually every kind of such secuity is illusory, even if it sounds hard – one should not assume that it is easy to maintain an official identity while maintaining an inoffical or sencound identity at the same time. To lose such a constructed identity is the same like to battle for ones own life and not different.

There is nothing what makes one more ease from a long time view, as to make ones actions to official actions all the time, understand them as official and to observe them as official and that is the main point if we start to practice mindfulness. Coming out of the illusion that there is such as unofficial acting.

Acting councious, making councious determinations (out of rejecting, wanting or ignoring are all actions which have effects) and to act all time in a way, that one is able to stand by and no need for sorrows to lose the face. Everybody makes mistakes and that is already over again and we always have the additional possibility to apologize it, if we have done something silly. But to have the pressure of not losing face, it is important to stand by ones face.

On this level it has nothing to do with pride. Of course there is also the other extreme, if we regard this for avatar pictures for example. Especially in Asia, people love to decorate and demonstrate themselves with pictures and that is something that makes me still down and what is not easy to bear (sometimes it brings me to laugh and sometimes I am really shocked). You would for example not easy find a monk here, how would not present all of his pictures from the beginning you meet him.

That for the extrem of wanting to be. But the extreme of wanting to be could be played as well in the other direction. One example is the identification with a picture that one likes to represent. We all know those heroic avatars. A main reason why one acts wrong is that one puts his/her actions into a higher reason, a higher hail. There those organizations, gods and deities, and flag avatars come into existence. This kind of identification is also very dangerous as one puts a higher reason above simple virtue and acts out of an imaginary task as justification. Not to speak that one has also impact of the image of the image he/she puts above his/her actions, which could be a later burden as well.

And then there is the extremely immodest modesty of rejecting the personality. It is not a little modest if one says I am nothing, I have no value or to strive for not being and rejects his/her face, self. There are also hundreds of not-self, no-name and so on versions. That is nonsense and is nothing else as a strong desire of wanting to be: Also the desire for not being is at least a desire to be.

A very good talk on this matter is „Sweat the Small Stuff/ Stetze auf die Kleinigkeiten“ which I like to recommend strongly to get it understood in a better way I am able to explain. There are more important things we should put our observation into and things which are more useful when being observed.

Of course it is possible to say „I don’t care“ and that is ok as well BUT! there is an additional reason which should be considered and it does not have much to do with one self - may one stands by one self or not – but to serve the welbeing of others and to open additional door with it. It’s a kind of generosity and at the same time a letting go of one self. A victory by giving up.

I guess I have mention it already on another place, that it is very important to declare ones gender, ones age and the status of practice as one protects others from doing wrong by wrong estimations and one also takes care of one self not to interpret (procects) one self into something one is not really. 

In regard of this maybe some additions why it is importand and why it could be the reason that one does not reach and gets this or that. A monk for example, is not allowed to teach if the condition of people is not proper. He does not only have limitation to deliver teachings to certain persons (better on persons with a certain condition or mind state in the present), he is also not allowed to teach if ones face is hidden.

But this should be not misunderstood here. The enveloping of ones face is on many places regarded as a sign of respect. Even monks would place parts of their robe in front of their face, if they talk to others and it’s a sign of respect on many places to hide parts of the body, which can course feelings of shame.

I also have heard such nonsens declarations that „Buddhists“ would reject the envelopment of the face and the head. That is public nuisance. If we look at the Islamic tradition for example, the origin is simply a protection and a matter of shame and over all very respectful if it is done out of heart, freely and for the safety of one self and others. Even in our places, some 35 years ago, it was still tradition that a woman wears a head rag. Being sexy causes after all feelings of shame for modest people. Of course it causes wrong shame in a society where there is no more shame if one is modest and walks a shameful way of live. In this way things come back and what one faces in the moment of dislike is ones own picture, which is not liked if it is somehow visible either.

Was aber die Situation des Lehrens betrifft, so geht es darum den anderen einzuschätzen und grundlegende Dinge zu erkennen. Man kann sich sehr viel Bild über eine Person machen, wenn man das Gesicht sieht, und das geht über das Beurteilen des Geschlechtes weit hinaus.

But in regard of teaching others, it is important to assess others a little and to be able to see basic things. One is able to image a lot simply by seeing the picture of a person and this is much more as just seeing the gender.

If one meet a person of respect it is common to lift ones headdress and not to look into the eyes directly. That falls under Appacayana and is one of the ten commendable deeds. Even such is very rare today and I am always happy if I come to see such cases. Here I could tell a lot of small beautiful stories and not less of them abashed me and helped me to increase confidence. As Buddha said, shame is the protector of the world.

I am sure some of you still know such from the school times, where it was usuall to bow ones head if one passes a teacher or to lift the cap out of respect if one comes accross a venerable person (a person of respect who excels in age, knowledge or virtue) on the street. Even it has become very rare, there are still places where such easy and simple punna is practiced and where people opposite the mainstream (all are equal...) and still maintain such traditions.

At this point (in english its a little dificult for me to use old polite language) I obsere that I have used the second person here and will change it, as this text is meant for all.

But to come back to the point again: When ever you are able to conquer yourself, stand by your person (or better your deeds). This is a protection for your self and for others as well.

If I was able to convince you to use a avatar picture so that it is helpful for others to estimate and value you better, use a naturally and a total official (from the heart) one and not one you like to see yourself good reflected, or how you have looked like in earlier days or one which would be used by Asians, a photoshoped one with a mass of cosmetic, gloriole and marvelous background. In our lands it would be the same like the cool or easygoing appearance. Don’t be shy to change this form time to time. You help others with it and that comes back in the same way. 

And it’s not that bad to deal with this issue of which kind of picture would be the best to give others an idea about one self. But please do not run to the next photographer! People here would do this latest now in this moment. *smile*

I guess I know it very well how it is if one is caught in the up- and downturns of be or not to be and they will come often again and will decay in the same way again. One time one would love to disappear and then another time one likes to run away or to leave a small backward door open. It’s all wasted time and effort. Ones deeds will follow one self anyway, even after a face surgery, a “witness”-protection program and not to speak about the one or other next existence. So why not taking the protection of mindfulness for now on to protect ones own face and the face of others as well and to stand by ones own actions and to come over old stuff as well. On this place I have to remember on Königin Mallikaa in SN 3.8 and why it is most important to learn to value one self at the first place.

To see one self constantly has its value as well: Sometimes annoying and unpleasant. Here I have to remember a little story. In the times of my peak season of “
! No longer available
” it happened that I needed a picture for the website of one of my companies for representation. So I asked to make a proper picture of my person. As I looked at the picture I was more than just horrified. I was never interested in pictures of myself, but now I had even to represent something. “No, that’s not me. Make one more, you got the wrong situation and perspective”. After another twenty pictures and claims in regard of the photographer saying „But that is how you look like...“ I came to the conclusion that I look terrible and that I need to work a little on it and change that.

So at least this self picture had good effects for my self and the effort to change my self even it was just for the purpose to representation of other things.

So it really is not a matter of self-portrayal here at least or to lift the own person, but a present which one makes for one self and others and to stick to ones own actions in the present or to try to stick to them as good as one is able to. Such increases the base of mutal trust and confidence.

We also know the other extrem of the naked ascetics who show them selfes total unprotected but forget to protect others in the same moment. Then it happens that they use to only fabric to cover their food instead of covering the private parts. It - by the way – a very interesting story which is not out of reason translated in different forms (as not easy to understand and often made to easy). One time it is said, that it would be better to cover the food, one time it is said that it would be better to cover the private parts.

How ever, it’s always good to appear as one „is“ at the present: as laity as a layperson; if a naked asketic, as a naked asketic; if one who keep eight presepts, as one who keeps eight precepts, and if one is a man about town, one would do good to appear as such. All that was its qualification and is good and helps others as well.

It’s a real liberating big step to leave our today’s usual schizophrenia and to make an end of the separation of official and unofficial and one moves much more easy and more safe if one becomes used to it. If one get’s more familiar that ones is responsible for ones own action and that those will always be the own, whether they are done conscious or unconscious, right or wrong, officially or unofficially, one moves on a secure track.

As mentioned before, those are just recommendations and no musts. Simply try it and than again and again. It may need its time or you can quite this problem unchangeable form now on.
It would be in no case righteous to denounce somebody who is not able to give such a gift at the present situation, but it is good to encourage those who have not enough confidence for now and to have proper compassion and understanding for such cases.

So it is good and proper to use an avatar which allows others to get you known and to estimate you a little.

It is good and proper, to inform others about your practice status.

It is good and proper to inform others about your age and you gender.

For you own hail and protection as well as for the hail and protection of others to make no unnecessary mistakes.

One gives one self the biggest gift if one makes one self to a present for others and if one let go of unskillful shame and starts to stick to skillful shame.

At the end a short nice story as a support to this issue generally:


"Seeing Quick dead."

--This story was told by the Master while at Jetavana, about a Brother who thought luck went by names. For we hear that a young man of good family, named 'Base,' had given his heart to the Faith, and joined the Brotherhood. [402] And the Brethren used to call to him, "Here, Brother Base!" and "Stay, Brother Base," till he resolved that, as 'Base' gave the idea of incarnate wickedness and ill-luck, he would change his name to one of better omen. Accordingly he asked his teachers and preceptors to give him a new name. But they said that a name only served to denote, and did not impute qualities; and they bade him rest content with the name he had. Time after time he renewed his request, till the whole Brotherhood knew what importance he attached to a mere name. And as they sat discussing the matter in the Hall of Truth, the Master entered and asked what it was they were speaking about. Being told, he said "This is not the first time this Brother has believed luck went by names; he was equally dissatisfied with the name he bore in a former age." So saying he told this story of the past.

Once on a time the Bodhisatta was a teacher of world-wide fame at Takkasilā, and five hundred young brahmins learnt the Vedas from his lips. One of these young men was named Base. And from continually hearing his fellows say, "Go, Base" and "Come, Base," he longed to get rid of his name and to take one that had a less ill-omened ring about it. So he went to his master and asked that a new name of a respectable character might be given him. Said his master, "Go, my son, and travel through the land till you have found a name you fancy. Then come back and I will change your name for you."

The young man did as he was bidden, and taking provisions for the °° journey wandered from village to village till he cane to a certain town. Here a man named Quick had died, and the young brahmin seeing him borne to the cemetery asked what his name was.

"Quick," was the reply. "What, can Quick be dead?" "Yes, Quick is dead; both Quick and Dead die just the same. A name only serves to mark who's who. You seem a fool."

Hearing this he went on into the city, feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with his own name.

Now a slave-girl had been thrown down at the door of a house, while her master and mistress beat her with rope-ends because she had not brought home her wages. And the girl's name was Rich. [403] Seeing the girl being beaten, as he walked along the street, he asked the reason, and was told in reply that it was because she had no wages to shew.

"And what is the girl's name?"

"Rich," said they. "And cannot Rich make good a paltry day's pay?" "Be she called Rich or Poor, the money's not forthcoming any the more. A name only serves to mark who's who. You seem a fool."

More reconciled to his own name, the young brahmin left the city and on the road found a. man who had lost his way. Having learnt that he had lost his way, the young man asked what his name was. "Guide," was the reply. "And has Guide lost his way?" "Guide or Misguide, you can lose your way just the same. A name only serves to mark who's who. You seem a fool."

Quite reconciled now to his name, the young brahmin came back to his master.

"Well, what name have you chosen?" asked the Bodhisatta. "Master," said he, "I find that death comes to 'Quick' and 'Dead' alike, that 'Rich' and 'Poor' may be poor together, and that 'Guide' and 'Misguide' alike miss their way. I know now that a name serves only to tell who is who, and does not govern its owner's destiny. So I am satisfied with my own name, and do not want to change it for any other."

Then the Bodhisatta uttered this stanza, combining what the young brahmin had done with the sights he had seen:--

Seeing Quick dead, Guide lost, Rich poor,
Base learned content nor travelled more.

His story told, the Master said "So you see, Brethren, that in former days as now this Brother imagined there was a great deal in a name." And he identified the Birth by saying, "This Brother who is discontented with his name was the discontented young brahmin of those days; the Buddha's disciples were the pupils; and I myself their master."


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Re: Suggestions in regard of "Avatar and User placements"
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 09:38:32 am »

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Re: Suggestions in regard of "Avatar and User placements"
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2017, 09:08:04 am »
I believe, with respect if I am wrong, and I hope I am not being to means that if one is representing themselves he feels they should do so honestly even if what they present for an avatar is not actually a picture of themselves. That we should not adopt a false identity with regards to what we have done, and using pictures of important figures is an attempt to give merit to ourselves based on images of others who may be seen as having more merit than us.

There are some points about using altered picture avatars to make yourself look better too. The's...a parody of people being silly pretending to be people they are not...I think...I took a great deal of humor from it but it fits the point.

If I was able to convince you to use a avatar picture so that it is helpful for others to estimate and value you better, use a naturally and a total official (from the heart) one and not one you like to see yourself good reflected, or how you have looked like in earlier days or one which would be used by Asians, a photoshoped one with a mass of cosmetic, gloriole and marvelous background. In our lands it would be the same like the cool or easygoing appearance. Don’t be shy to change this form time to time. You help others with it and that comes back in the same way. 


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