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Terms of Service
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:04:56 am »
FreeSangha Terms of Service (ToS); December 2010

FreeSangha is a discussion forum centered around the Buddha Dharma.  Our goal is to bring together people of differing backgrounds in an open and friendly environment in keeping with Buddhist ethics and Dharma practice.

Please keep these rules and reference points in mind as you participate in the forum.

1. Members will encounter a variety of traditions, practices and viewpoints here. We hope that each member will practice self-moderation of expression. Please review your posts prior to submitting them to the forum, bearing in mind that we aspire to promote tolerance and respect. Debate is a healthy way to discuss Dharma practice and Buddhism, but only when conducted within the realm of Right Speech. Ideas shouldn't be forced upon others.  We value freedom of expression.

2. Please keep controversial and/or sect specific information in its dedicated sub-forum.

3. Please refrain from the following:
Meta-discussion, i.e. discussion about the discussion itself.
Trolling, i.e. posting with the intent of provoking other users or otherwise disrupting discussion.
Spamming, i.e. posting advertisements or irrelevant topics or posts.

All of the above will be moderated and can result in disciplinary action. Additionally, spamming can result in an immediate ban.

4. Members are allowed only one account. Anonymous IP addresses are strictly forbidden. Accounts will not be deleted upon request.

5. Please be cautious about giving out personal information. Be aware that identity theft is a real and all-too-common menace and that anything you post here can be read by anyone with internet access.  We encrypt email addresses so that they won't be harvested by bots.  For more information please see:

6. The FreeSangha staff are sympathetic to mental health needs that may arise and wish for members to be healthy and well. However, we are not capable or qualified to give advice in such situations. We recommend for people suffering from an acute phase of mental illness to visit
If you feel like you want to hurt yourself or someone else, please call emergency services in your area or home country.  (In the United States this would usually be 911.)

Please see our disciplinary process for further information on the subject.

Thank you for reading our Terms of Service.  By virtue of creating an account you have agreed to these terms and guidelines.

Above all, have fun and please know that we are glad to have you as part of our online community!
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