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german buddhist forum
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:13:03 am »
I am the founder of the buddhist forum

Initially the Forum was targeted at people who are new to buddhism and have no bond to any specific tradition (yet). It was our intent for buddhism-newbies to be able to get into contact with buddhist pracitioners in order to place questions and to discuss any buddhist matters in an environment not bound to lineages or schools. Over time it became clear that our laypeoples' expertise attracted Mahayana-pracitioners of all levels. Thus we opened up to any buddhist, not limiting the board to newbies.

Topics discussed include - on top of the q&a-section - general buddhist stuff, dream yoga and lucid dreaming, personal experiences, free texts and media as well as buddhist events. Also there is large "members' only" area designated to more experienced buddhist practice and a section for what we call "original buddhist tantra".

My own main practice resides in Dzogchen-Trekchod and Dzogchen-Dreamyoga. Also the Rime-movement is of great importance to me. I believe that Sutra, Tantra and Vajrayana all hold deep and essential truths.

In our experience many buddhist discussion enviroments are being poisened by sectarian attitudes. We expect (and enforce if necessary) mutual respect between members and schools / lineages in our forums.

You are very welcome on (meaning "beginner's mind" like in the Zen-teachings). Don't worry about language barriers, you can set the board's language to english, and most of our users know english well enough so we can discuss in english language as well. We might include a designated area for english language discussions when needed. Just give us a shot, we are glad to help.

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