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Cosmic Tantra
« on: February 03, 2015, 03:21:21 am »
Dear friends and those who want to go serious,

You know I was watching a video on Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour and also a Abba video on YouTube… and I got the idea that I want to talk on why we do preliminary practices. How preliminary practices lead to tantra. How it is connected. How Lam Rim, Three Principal Paths, four preliminary retreats support Tantra and lead to tantric attainments.

It is so important to know these preliminary practices lead to tantric attainments and how so. Without these practices being grounded in your mindstream, there is a high chance you will give up your tantric practices. Many run for higher practices and neglect the preparatory practices and that is the main ingredient to success in higher practices. So in this video I share with you how to avoid the pitfalls. Please listen carefully and let me know what you have learned in the comments below.

Just as important, I want to say if you cannot engage in the four preliminary practices based on good and honest reasons, then dharma work is even more important in your centre or place of convenience. With dharma work you can purify lots of demerits and gain merits which is essential for higher practices leading to quicker attainments..Attainments that grant you liberty from your emotional quicksands. Do your dharma work as a spiritual practice and not work.

Much Care, Tsem Rinpoche

P.S. Please watch this video twice to fully comprehend and share with others who wish to do advanced practices…

COSMIC TANTRA - psychedelic version

We did this filming around 3:30 am February 9th, 2012 and finished it with rendering around 5:30 am and starting uploading so here you are…

(Please take note, the Vajra Yogini book I mentioned in the video is to be read and studied by those who have Vajra Yogini’s initiation. If you do not, you are restricted from reading and or studying. But you may keep the book on your altar as part of the objects of offering to create powerful karmic affinity with the practice. That is permissable. Many Tibetans can go and purchase the commentary in Tibetan from the Monastery anytime. They don’t read it necessarily, but leave it on the shrine as a holy object to worship. Represents the speech of all Buddhas. Since most lay Tibetans can obtain the texts, why not non-Tibetans. I recommend everyone to have a book for the future, in case it goes out of print. Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche {author} received direct communications with Vajra Yogini during his lifetime. He received direct advice on Her practice from Vajra Yogini Herself. Also his commentary comes from his direct realizations as a result of intense practice on this path. So his commentary is a combination of direct advice from Lady Vajra Yogini Herself and his personal meditative attainments-SUPER POWERFUL. It is by far no ordinary commentary. It is a must have commentary for serious practitioners and would be practitioners. We are fortunate this book is translated and available.

Furthermore, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche highly recommended this Yidam Vajra Yogini to be very effective for beings of the current degenerate age.  Her practice due to our karmic situation will suit our temperaments and modern manifestations of the three old foes of ignorance, hatred and desire. He mentioned it would be highly appropriate to keep Vajra Yogini as our principal practice to gain enlightenment. Her practice would be more than enough and extremely appropriate for a time and place pervaded by mostly manifestations of desire during this time. Vajra Yogini is the Queen Buddha for overcoming desire as well as ignorance and hatred. We need to shop no further when we wisely adopt Vajra Yogini as our principal practice especially during the Kali Yuga degenerate age.  I wish all of you well, deep practice and to be cared for by this highly unusual yet provocative Vajra Yogini tantric system. May you become Vajra Yogini. Tsem Rinpoche)


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