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Long Life of Venerable Kyabje Choden Rinpoche
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Long Life Prayer for Choden Rinpoche

Om swasti, The element of life of all the Victorious Ones, equal in number to the atoms of the ocean, In the magical dance of the youthful one endowed with the holy signs and exemplifications, Please, immortal Bhagavan, the assembly deities of the conquerors Please guide with your attainment of having control over the Vajra life.
You, the Lord of Dharma, with your incomparable eminent wisdom and good heart, Without fear, spreading the teachings of the Victorious One Who generates joy in the noble, learned, wise ones, rich in the jewel of extensive listening, May you, Saviour of infinite beings to be subdued, have stable life.

Melody of the fifth incarnation with the three qualities: learned, pure and good-hearted, According to the dispositions of the minds of the myriad transmigrating beings, Defeating the sleep of ignorance of the three realms by enchanting music, May you, the supreme Holy Being, have stable life.

The elegant majesty that protects the earth with the morality of the three vows, The great mountain of immovable concentration, Playing as one wishes with hundreds of peaks of eminent wisdom, You amongst the ranks of the renowned supreme holy beings, have stable life.

In the great sphere of space, isolated from obstructive contact, The mentally fabricated signs, illuminating sun of analysis and fixed meditation, Uncorrupted, pure conduct without the ozone-like holes May you, the supreme being who revealed the pure path, have stable life.

May you, wish-fulfilling, stainless, soft Saviour, Victorious One (Lama Tsong Khapa) of the pure tradition, Hoisting the banner of victory of explanation of teaching and practice, May you hold it with stable and undiscouraged brave heart And fulfill the hopes of all the fortunate transmigrating beings.

Due to the blessings of the truth of the guru, mind-sealed deities, and protectors, By the power of the unified appearance and emptiness And the sphere of Dharma and dependent arising May all your prayers be completely and immediately fulfilled.


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