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Announcement of the Sixth World Youth Buddhist Symposium
« on: January 08, 2016, 05:33:42 pm »
Peace has been a long cherished dream for all sentient beings.
Looking back, we find ourselves constantly ravaged by countless wars triggered by fightings for resources, wealth, power or ideology, from which not only ourselves, but all beings tasted the bitterness when trapped in hatred.
Today the way to peace is more challenging: the blue planet is overshadowed by terrorist attacks, the sighs of displaced refugees, the threat of WMD(weapons of mass destruction), slaughter of animals and the restless competition and afflictions among human beings. The light of peace is dimed with disheartening tears.
Various options have been made to quell the fights such as violent defence, non-violence appeals or loving redemption. Maybe, this time, we can try to awaken ourselves once empowered with compassion.
Every reflection on the wellbeing of all lives matters. The Sixth World Youth Buddhist Symposium will start a journey of exploration towards peace. Great masters and young talents are invited to explore THE WAY OF PEACE transcending the divisions of race, nationality, faith and research field. Three sessions are established, through which Buddhist views and practices related to peace will be elaborated respectively from the perspective of Theravada Buddhism, Han Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
I. About the Event
Event Name:  The Sixth World Youth Buddhist Symposium
Symposium Theme: The Way of Peace
Sub-themes:   (1) The Philosophy of Peace in Theravada Buddhism
     (2) The Philosophy of Peace in Han Buddhism
     (3) The Philosophy of Peace in Tibetan Buddhism
Organisers:   Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand       (Chiang Mai Campus)
     World Youth Buddhist Society
Co-organisers:   The Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education of HKIED
     The Centre for the Study of Chan Buddhism and Human
      Civilization of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
     The Buddhist Society of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Date:    July 12-15, 2016 (4 days)
Place:     Chiang Mai, Thailand
Guests:    Renowned principals, professors and experts from key
     universities and well-known religious figures both at home and
     abroad to be invited for panel discussion and speeches.
All religions welcome, especially those who are interested in traditional culture and
(1) Students from junior college education and levels above; or
(2) Young scholars and researchers; or
(3) Principals of any religious or traditional cultural institutions.
The organisers will collect and edit symposium presentations for publication. Please be noted that the following requirements, submission and procedures should be observed if you want to submit for publication.
1. About the awards: First Prize (3 persons), Second Prize (6 persons), Third Prize (10 persons), Memorial Award (20 persons). Please be noted that all the rewarded essays will be collected into the Symposium Essay Collections or recommended to any relevant platform.)
2. Requirements: Your essay for reward is supposed to keep the symposium theme of THE WAY OF PEACE.
3. Format: You need to conform your essay to APA format for submission.
4. Word Count: A full essay of 1000-3000 words is required.
5. Closing Date: April 6, 2016
6. Submission: Please send your essay together with any relative documents via (NOTE: Duplicate submission is not acceptable and we will not accept any articles which have already been published) .
1. The schedule of this symposium includes: Interfaith Dialogue, Keynote Speech, WeSpeak, Meditation Practice, Free Talk, Visiting and life liberation etc. Continuing the spirit of "Open, Inclusive, Truth seeking and Altruistic" of the previous symposia, it will surge wisdom and broaden the mind to contribute for  world peace and deliver kind wishes.
2. Meals & accommodation and any paper handling expenditure are sponsored by the organisers ONLY for the participant in person during the symposium.
3. All admitted participants will be charged a non-refundable registration fees of RMB 300. Any students who have financial difficulties can apply for the fee waiver.
4. The organisers reserve all the rights to hold the Sixth World Youth Buddhist Symposium.
V. REGISTRATION                 
1. For online registration, please click HERE; or click REGISTRATION HERE on
2. Registration is from January 6, 2016 —April 6, 2016.
3. The organisers will send you the Admission Notice to confirm your admission for attending the symposium.
4. Contact us:
 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan:  Ms Tong | +852 67187073
 Overseas:       Ms Jiang | 86 15983738491
 Official website:
Announced by:
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand (Chiang Mai Campus)
World Youth Buddhist Society


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