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Feel free to ask me or correct me on anything regarding Buddhism. This is a Buddhist forum which I am currently pleased to have joined. I'd like people to ask me things and see what I might say, and then heroes may descend to correct any grave errors I have made in my statements.

I will begin by saying a few things, and if they are wrong, they can be corrected, and if the corrections made are wrong, those can be corrected.

Buddhism is not about anything much, so much as it is about being exhausted by the obvious and nigh pointless seeming roundabout cycles of life, and finding strategies which may work to finally reduce, limit, and eliminate these nuisances.

Buddhism is not about loving life or thinking it is just dandy, but wanting that one may no longer be a part of suffering, that suffering should entirely cease and there be no further suffering of any sort at all.

This sounds ideal, but achieving this may take a great deal of effort, or seem rather sudden and effortless or quick, but there is no difference between one who truly does not want suffering and one who truly does not want suffering.

Many of us are addicted. Addicted not only to pleasure, but addicted ultimately to pain. We feel we need it, and even not wanting it, we gobble it up almost helplessly and maniacally haha even taking it from others so that we may ingest more and more of this fuel which keeps things turning.

Yes, Pain is the fuel which drives on the world, churning and rolling and crushing us under its weight day after day, as we feed on our own burst entrails.

We might even say we know it, but that we are helpless to stop it and stop causing it and stop taking it in.

This is because we are afraid, and the most frightened of all will grasp the hardest.

I live because I am afraid. I am afraid of so many things, that I live almost like a wild animal, ferocious, fleeing, pouncing at sales and opportunities. Oh no it will get away, oh no if I don't do it I won't have this.

When living in fear, there is only One God, Mara Prajapati, Death and Destruction, that terrible and oppressive lure and whip that drives us back and forth moaning in a lost ecstacy of terror and joy.

The Buddhists have said throughout the ages that there is something greater than Evil and Harm, that it is their life's cause to find it, to try and try again, to not give up or allow Mara's methods drive them to eat Pain any longer.

Mara laughs "Do you really think you can escape me? Try all you like, You will suffer, and you will crawl back for more"

This is the great dispute. Is the Ultimate Truth the scream of the burning, or is it something inexcusable, like an unseen smile of perfect contentment.

This is the question we roll out to resolve, en masse, a legion of one who puzzles after it in as many ways as we are able.

Many hands, many ears, many eyes. Growing and gaining, figuring out how one can escape what is essentially a hell.

We see through the keyholes of locked doors, and who can blame us? It is only right to want to be safe again forever.


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