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Buddhism Explained in One Sentence...
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:31:56 am »
One day, a famous government official was passing along a road. He saw an old monk teaching Buddhism. Hardly unusual except that the monk was seated on a tree branch.

The official asked the elderly monk what he was doing. After all, the monk was in a very precarious position. One wrong move and he could fall to his death!

The monk replied that the official’s position was even more precarious. If the monk made a careless move, he alone might be killed. But if the official made a mistake, it could cost the lives of thousands.

The official considered this and decided that it was a very good reply. He told the monk that if he could explain the essence of Buddhism in one sentence, he would become the monk’s student.

“Easy!” said the monk. “The essence of Buddhism is to avoid all that is evil, to embrace all that is good, and to purify one’s mind (The Dhammapada).”

The official scoffed, “Is that all? Even a child of three knows that!“

The monk replied that while it was true that a child of three may know it, there was no certainty that a man of eighty could practice it.
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