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Can I change my Dharma?
« on: September 25, 2015, 02:50:12 am »
4 Days ago I had an argument with a friend concerning their conduct.
My Initial reaction was to get them to change their conduct as it was displeasing to me.

Last night i came to a realisation which I would like to share with you and hear the points of view of others.

I realised that:

It was their nature to act in the way that they did.
To end the suffering it caused me, I must acknowledge that I played a part in the creation of that persons nature.
It would then be normal, given the state of their nature and the nature of our relationship, for them to behave in such a way.

The Anatta-Lakhana-Sutta says something like 'affliction is caused by wanting to change things which are not-self'

Their behaviour is 'not-self' and by me seeking to change it, I am causing myself affliction.
The only remedy out of this situation is to change my nature, which will in turn change their nature and consequently the nature of our relationship.

The subject of the post is 'Can I change my Dharma?' and consequently change the dharma of others.

Even if perhaps I am successful in changing and the other person does not change, I must still, also accept that it is their nature and I cannot change that which is not-self.

With Metta
Isaac x


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