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Title: Dharma Clowns
Post by: Lobster on August 23, 2013, 04:30:16 am
Is dharma a serious business or a funny business? (

In other words can ideas be presented in more entertaining ways? Should they be?  ;D
Title: Re: Dharma Clowns
Post by: hickersonia on August 23, 2013, 03:39:42 pm
Interesting question.

I can assure you that, when asked, I make sure to present Buddhism in the lightest and most amusing way possible because many people who ask questions of me are not really interested in the heavier ideas [like Dependent Origination]. It is possible to be lighthearted and still be taking something serious -- to discuss something without overwhelming people who don't really want their core values challenged too much.

Of course, with someone who is seriously thinking about how they can apply Buddhist practices to their life we ought to use an appropriate level of seriousness.

It all really depends on the target audience and the goal of your message, in my opinion.
Title: Re: Dharma Clowns
Post by: Ron-the-Elder on September 29, 2013, 02:06:14 pm
Lobster:  "Is dharma a serious business or a funny business?"

Both!  And, as was stated by hickersonia in the previous post, it depends on your audience.  The venue also matters.  For example, I have found (learned through experience) that to make even the most innocently intended jokes in some venues is to potentially and very unexpectedly (to me) cause insult and to some degree various ranges of harm.  Causing any intentional degree of harm of course in my Buddhist practice must always be avoided so as to preserve harmony in every contact / interaction possible, simply because those with whom we are communicating see us as representatives (examples) as it were as who or whatever they think we represent.  For example, when I speak of disparities that I have noted between various traditions in Buddhist forums or discussion groups with regard to beliefs, customs, or practices, and offense, or umbrage is taken, then my entire tradition gets painted the same color that the offended person paints me in their mind.  This may not always be the case, but I have found that it has happened often enough to me that I have become  perhaps overly cautious in that regard, and very quick to make amends for unintended faux pas.  It is not only my tradition that gets broadly painted due to my perceived actions or inactions, but any other social associations by which I have become known.  This has happened to me with regard to gender.  It has happened with regard to nationality, social roles, job classifications, even the kind of cars that I have driven.

This kind of broad painting generalization with regard to social association of course is nothing new. We are all aware of the complaints that persons of various ethnic varieties raise regarding pre-judgement by authorities.  In that regard, I have long ago given up making jokes with Customs Agents when crossing international borders.  I have not done well with airport security officers in that regard as well.  So, I have learned to shut-up and only respond when asked a question by such authorities.

The need to act as if  walking on egg shells is tough, but cleaning up a mess created due to "foot in mouth disease" is much harder, I have learned from past mistakes. :smack:

Title: Re: Dharma Clowns
Post by: Lobster on July 26, 2017, 11:39:50 pm
Many thanks to our offensive, defensive and innocent clowns  :wacky:

My understanding is that once we understand the motivation behind the slapstick. The nature of the clown is clear  <3  :hug: :grouphug: <3

Title: Re: Dharma Clowns
Post by: The Artis Magistra on July 27, 2017, 12:00:33 am
Please see my work. (
Title: Re: Dharma Clowns
Post by: Lobster on July 31, 2017, 12:28:25 am
Here is some clowning on another forum. Hope you find something to enjoy ... (
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